Friday, December 30, 2011

Prenatal Photoshoot

So some of you have asked if I am going to do a prenatal photoshoot, you know, as in the kind showcasing the baby bump and documenting this last (really attractive) stage of the pregnancy. The answer, no. Don't get me wrong, I've seen some cute and tasteful prenatal photos out there, but it just isn't for me. Personally, I think the whole thing is a little awkward, it isn't like I'm going to want some 8x10 of myself pregnant hanging on my wall.... I'm sorry I just think that is a bit bizarre, narcissistic, and frankly a waste of money (especially when there are PLENTY of practical/much needed things to spend money on for the baby right now).  I would rather save my pennies for the professional photos of the baby when he gets here versus ones of just me walking in the park looking like I'm going to pop.

I know everyone was disappointed that you didn't receive this Christmas card from the McG's...

Like I said, I know they all aren't quite so over top, but there are a lot out there that are...

Wow. And hey,  nice stretchmarks, I'd lift my shirt and show 'em off  too. 
Well, this is pretty accurately documents me every morning.
See,  now I know John won't be able to do this pose...
And If we can't do this one I'm not doing any, it just wouldn't be right. 
Tell me what this girl is going to do with this picture?!? So dumb.
NOT necessary.
Really, spooning half nude on the kitchen floor?!? They couldn't pay me to do this for a camera.
Aren't they just the cutest?! [inset sarcasm] 
Oh barf.
Not at all staged either. Spare me.

How sweet. A naked mom with dad leaning on a tire. So natural.
You catch my drift. Hopefully I'm not the only one out there that just doesn't see the value in these pics. As I said to each their own, and if it's your thing to document your bump professionally then more power to you, but please don't frame these to be mounted above your fireplace or something.

Stay tuned for professional newborn baby photos and family photos instead....

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pre-holiday Blues Poos

This year for Christmas my parents planned to come to Denver and were set to arrive on Friday the 23rd. Thursday the 22nd (the day prior to their arrival) ended up being a snowy day here in Denver - we got over 8 inches - that evening for dinner I didn't want to leave the house but we had nothing in the frig so I decided to run to Qdoba right around the corner to grab a burrito. By the time I went to bed that night I wasn't feeling well. I assumed it was just the typical pregnancy stuff... heart burn, acid reflux, and stomach pains. After complaining for a bit,  I took John's advice and took down some Tums hoping that would help, but as I tried to fall asleep it just got worse... I couldn't get comfortable and felt awful. Before long I realized I was keeping John up with my huffing, puffing, groaning, rolling, tossing and turning. It was time for me go downstairs and park it on the couch so maybe someone (clearly this would not be me) would be able to sleep. By 3am I was making a mad dash to the bathroom pretty much every hour. Poisoned by the giant veggie burrito. Damn you Qdoba. I instantly regretted every bite.

I'll spare you the details, but this went on for hours. Friday morning when I "woke up" I wasn't feeling any better and knew there was absolutely no way I could go into the office in this condition.  I put a call into the doctor on call to see what I should do, I worried that this food poisoning might be hurting the babe too. After talking with the triage nurse (who consulted with the doc) I was told to just drink lots and lots of fluid and call back if I wasn't better by the following day. Apparently "the 'rhea" (sorry) can often be a sign of labor coming as it is your body's way for making room for the baby to come out, so they also suspected it was that versus food poisoning.

At first I thought, no way, but as I laid there in bed suffering from nausea, heartburn, and back pains so bad that I felt paralyzed I started questioning... What exactly was going on with my body? Could this be labor? And why oh why did I eat a dumb burrito?

When I talked to my parents before they boarded the plan to come to Denver to let them know John would be picking them up because I was still sick in bed - my mom was convinced I was going into labor because she apparently had some similar symptoms when labor started for her. However, by the time my parents arrived at 9pm on Friday night I was starting to feel more human again, and was finally on the mend after close to 24 hours. So, I suppose it was in fact food poisoning and not labor or anything else. What a crappy start to the holiday. Moral of the story, no more Qdoba.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Completely Honest OBGYN

I got this from a friend and thought it was too good to not share... Funny Stuff! Fair warning, I'm not saying it's the most appropriate PC thing.... Let's just say it's rated R.

Psycho Nesting Sarah: Issue #1

After realizing that the time is nearing I was determined to get something off my to-do-list. I had drug John to the fabric store on Saturday afternoon after a quick trip to IKEA (not one of my best ideas), but I did manage to make it out with what I needed to get the job done. So, I spent the past 3 nights getting the drapes sewn. I couldn't have made it easy and just did one panel of the same fabric... no, no, NO....why would anyone want to do that? Naturally, I like to make things 10x more difficult, and did so by doing a stripe of yellow fabric at the top and bottom as well as lined the damn things with blackout lining to ensure the baby will be able to sleep mid-day (I don't think I'll regret this extra effort). Oh, and our windows are 6' wide so this also meant seaming 2 panels of fabric together to make them wide enough.  This whole ordeal required lots of cutting, measuring, and running up and down the stairs (I would lay things out on the 3rd floor where I had space but  for some unknown reason sewed at the kitchen table on the first floor). I proudly finished them last night though! I feel so accomplished knocking one this off the list. And I have enough fabric left to do some pillows when I decide to return to the sewing machine (which I love, but need a break from).

laying things out upstairs...
Sewing away!!
excuse my nails, shellac needs a touch-up add it to the to-do-list

Close up so you can see the fabric print 

I hope this baby really appreciates these bad-boys. Now, what to tackle next?? I'm on a roll.

The Results Are In

Got all the tests and blood work back from Tuesday's appointment, and all is good. Thankfully, the pain I have been having is totally muscular and nothing serious. Um yeah, it's going to hurt when your liver is shoved up into your rib with a baby butt sitting on it. The only notable thing from the blood work was that my thyroid numbers were going up again (I have hypothyroid, which I have been on medicine for to manage for over a year now).  I should have known considering I could hardly make it home last night from work without falling asleep in the car (and I was driving, which is a bit concerning) and had to take a nap when I did get home. That's always my big sign, when I'm exhausted beyond words and feel the need to nap - something I don't do often. So the doctor is  up'ing my thyroid medicine dosage....hopefully I'll be re-energized for Christmas with the new dosage... and other than that it's business as usual. Tick tock, tick tock.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Looking ahead...

We finished our final birthing class Monday night, and yesterday I had my 36 week appointment. Scary! That pretty much means there is only one thing left...

So I'll spare you the details on the birthing class from Monday night because it was mostly PowerPoint's and video watching on the baby right after delivery and then postpartum info. Exciting stuff. We're done now, so no more hippies to deal with on a weekly basis. Did I mention that John asked our teacher about the number of people who plan to deliver naturally (as in w/o drugs) here in Colorado versus other places, and our teacher said that at Rose (my hospital) the rate is around 50% plan to be natural, whereas at an east coast hospital a recent study showed that 90% plan to use an epidural. Why you ask? Our teacher said and I quote... "Well we have a lot more crunchy people here, and it's really become a trend to do natural birth." I've never been one for trends. Clearly, I am more of an east-coast b*tch at heart and proud of it. Drugs please.

On to the 36 week check up...

Doctors consider 36 weeks "to term" - technically 40 weeks is full term, but at 36 weeks you're good to go, and if labor should start, you're having the baby, meaning they aren't going to stop it. AHH! The big agenda item at today's appointment was to run test for Strep B (not the same strand as the strep you associate with a sore throat). This strep is "down-there" (um, yuck), but apparently 50% of women have it and unless you are about to deliver they would never treat it or even test for it - it isn't like some creepy STD - it's just a random virus people have usually without symptoms. However, if it goes untreated in delivery it can cause the baby harm so they just give you so meds on an IV when you're laboring and that's that. It's amazing all the crazy shit you learn when you're pregnant. So anyway, they ran that test, results tbd.

Then my doctor checked me out (if you catch my drift), and apparently unbeknownst to me I'm already 1cm dilated and 70% effaced (sorry for those of you who don't want these details about lady parts, like my husband). Um, ok... so when did this happen? I'm also measuring about 37 weeks. Long story short my doctor thinks I'll be going early. 70% effacement is pretty far along, and little buddy is still sitting really low and head-down. She said she doesn't think I'm going to have a Christmas baby, but doesn't think it will be too much longer either. My first thought was, Woohoo! Fine by me, let's get this show on the road! Then I felt a tinge of anxiety followed up with a minor panic attack after leaving the hospital when I realized I have no hospital bag packed, no sheets on the crib, the nursery drapes in progress, a 1/2 put-together nursery, an uninstalled carseat, no Christmas gifts wrapped, no food purchased for Christmas dinner, no name picked, projects to still be finished at work, etc. In light of this news I am likely to become a total crazy nut job in the next few weeks trying to "nest" and wrap things up so please disregard my behavior. I am also going to be the most non-committal person until his arrival... just assume I'm "tentative" from here on out.. it's nothing personal.

Aside from this news I had also told my doctor that I've been having a bit of pain right under my boob sort of where your ribs would be. She said it is likely muscular since pregnancy causes your liver and colon to all be pushed up to that spot and the little guy's butt is right there sitting on top of it all (and here I thought my liver was getting a nice 9 month break, so much for that, it's being smooched). But I also have some swelling in my legs/ankles this week (which is new since Friday night). Yes, it's official I have doctor confirmed kankles (we knew it was only a matter of time, and the time has come. I'm retaining water and turning into Willy Wonka's Violet... shoot me now). So, the doctor ran some additional blood work just to make sure the pain I'm feeling is in fact muscular and not a reason to induce labor. While it's doubtful it is anything serious because my blood pressure and weight were normal which would usually be out of whack as well if it was preeclampsia something like that, but better safe than sorry so she ran the blood work. I guess this means I should be sitting with my feet up and relaxing... Oh John! Time to get out the vacuum, it's your turn to do the pre-guest holiday cleaning.

I. can. give. up. control.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

30 Day and Counting!

That's right folks it's t-minus 30 days to my due date, not that I'm counting or anything... Fine, I am. I have to say, I really can't complain thus far about how things have been going, but I am starting to hit the point where I'm over this whole pregnancy thing. It's time for a BABY and we're ready to start getting use out of all the great new "gear" we have for the little guy.  Equally important, it's also time for me to have the ability to bend at the waist,  shave my legs without huffing and puffing, not feel anxiety about putting on socks and shoes, "enjoy" 3 months away from the office, sport a wardrobe that isn't comprised of 2 pairs of pants (sans buttons), have a cocktail, and sushi, and as much diet coke/caffeine as I want, get my body back, and on and on. Most importantly though, I'm ready for motherhood! Of course I have my concerns and I feel like there is a ton I don't know or might not be prepared for, but that's what motherhood is about, right? Loving someone more than yourself, giving them all you can give, and figuring it out as you go along... that I can do. Let's meet this little guy and get onto the fun part!

So, I'll answer the top 5 questions I've been getting these days...
  1. Do you have a name yet?  No. No we really don't, I'm not just saying that. And I can 100% promise you we likely will not have "the one" picked until he arrives, so I'll save you from asking. I think we're going to have it down to 2 or so names and decide once we see him.
  2. How are you feeling?  Honestly, not terrible, but not like myself either. Truthfully, I feel like a roly poly. I'm really starting to slow down and I hate that and hate admitting that to myself. The independent girl I am does not like admitting that putting on my socks is hard, as it bending over to pick up something off the floor. I'm close to the point to needing help (slow tear).  I do feel ok though for being 8+ months pregnant. Of course I have minors aches and pains here and there, along with lots of trips to the ladies room, but nothing out of the norm.
  3.  What does your belly button look like? Still in but it looks totally depressed. It used to be a VERY tight "o" (if you take your lips and make a tight "o" shape with them that's what it looked like), now it's as though someone has tugged at the bottom of it, making it a bit of a triangle- the top of the "o" is still in tact but it's sagging down. Gross. It better go back.
  4. Is the room for the baby ready? Let's put it this way, if he showed up tomorrow we have what we need to get the job done. All the furniture is in place, but it still needs to be "decorated" and accessorized. I'm currently moving into nest mode and making drapes... I started them tonight and I'm hoping to get them done sometime this week. I'm waiting for Pops (also known as TH) to come on Friday so he can help me with the decals on the walls, and then it will really be down to details.
  5. So, can you believe it's almost here?! And are you ready? Well, this is a loaded question. And honestly I have no idea. Ready or not, right? Not as though I have a choice. Like I said earlier, it's starting to feel like it's been a long time in the making, so I guess I believe it's almost time. I don't know that I'll ever be "ready" for the birthing part, but I'm taking the approach that I'm going to do it as millions of women have done before me.  As I ready said, bring it on! I am ready for him to be here, to meet him, and see what he looks like.
Feel free to ask me whatever else you'd like... I'm an open book as you know, so shoot...

And we're taking bets on when you think he's going to arrive. The winner will get something really great.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where will the baby go?

To give you an idea of how awesome the shower was..... here is a picture of the baby's room after John loaded everything in before I was able to go through it and give everything its "home."

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...errr, is it?!

On Sunday, the day after the baby shower, we decided to take our annual trip down to Pike's National Forest to chop down our Christmas tree Griswold style. Our friend Adam, aka Bacon introduced to us to this location to chop a tree down 3 years ago now.  He's been going since he was a kid with his family, so we always have him come with us. Actually he drives us too... sucks being the friend with a truck, right? Such a nice guy, that Bacon.

The mom's going in for the great tree hunt of 2011
We thought it would be a fun thing to do with our mom's, and it was! It was picturesque... snow falling...Bacon's country Christmas music play. AND we found the perfect tree too.... it had not one but two trunks and was roughly 12' tall (our ceilings are 9').  Of course it was us ladies (all 3 of us) who gravitated to this particular tree. When we said "That's it. That's the one!" Bacon just laughed/chucked to himself while John tried to talk us out of it. Guess the guys realized they weren't going to win against 3 ladies so John just started to chop...

And before long we were on our way back out of the forest with a piece of it that would soon be in the McG living room...
Happy Mom's
Note: Mama  Donna is holding a saw. Danger.
John and I are 6'-0" and 5'-10" respectively. This tree is NOT too tall.
Ho, ho, ho.... here come Santa and she's 34 weeks pregnant!

Hey did you guys notice that my coat is zipped?! So yeah, my old tried and true North Face circa 2000 still zips! Fits just like sausage casing.

Bacon is still not convinced

So fast forward a few hours... we got home with the tree and began the "trimming"... And by trimming I mean we wacked approximately 3' off the top and an additional 1' the bottom. See, told you it was the perfect height. Next issue... the 2 trunks. This tree is basically a Siamese twin with about 3" left at bottom where the trunks have become one, not the ideal situation for making it work in a tree stand meant to hold a single round trunk. The boys seemingly got it to work though, and it wasn't before long that it was ready for decorations! Debbie was nice enough to put the lights on while I got the ornament boxes out. In no time the tree was decorated and it was down to finishing touches.

We ate some dinner. Ooh'd and ahh'd about the tree, and then it was time for bed. I'm damn near narcoleptic these days, so I was fast asleep in 5 minutes on top of my iPad in bed, while John was still reading his book, "A Caveman's Guide to Baby's First Year." I wasn't asleep for long though...When there arose such a clatter. More like a "WAM! CRASH!" but whatever.  I shot up in bed and looked at John who yelled out "Crap, that was the tree." 

Immediately without time to soak anything in, we both went running down the stairs.

As I was coming two, I convinced myself that it was just an ornament that had just fallen off and broken (not entirely inaccurate, my totals were just off by a wee bit). In fact, the ENTIRE tree had tipped over. My beautifully decorated tree was flat on the floor. Ornaments smashed all over the floor. Lights dripping all over the place. Water (with sticky sugar for tree-food) from the stand all over the hardwood floor and rug.

Somehow by the grace of God it missed hitting the plasma tv in its tumble (I can't imagine how irate John would have been if it took down his tv too). While it was still sort of a blur  I'm positive the scene of John and I trying to deal with this tree could have easily been a sitcom in the making. He was yelling at me to put on shoes so I wouldn't get glass in my feet, as I stood there mourning the loss of my ornaments. I finally found some flip flops to wear, and then went into complete psychopath mode ripping every ornament still in tack off the tree as quickly as I could while John held the damn thing up. Misson accomplished tree undecorated in .5 minutes. Next up get this thing standing... and this was clearly easier said than done. After fumbling around trying to unsuccessfully tie it up (we had nothing to tie to), we deciced to opt for propping it up against the wall and dealing with it later (as in after we had slept). Then we had to deal with the floor and broken ornaments. Out came the vaccumm at midnight along with a big beach towel to wipe up all the water. Between the two of us an several expletives we got things sort of picked up.

The next day we decided the only way to avoid this happening again was to get some shims and add them to the base. Time was limited though we had work all day followed up by birthing class. Thankfully class got out early and John (with the help of Todd) was able to get the tree shim'd up and back vertical.

I'm happy to report that it's been over a week and she's quirky, she top-heavy, monochromatic, a bit asymmetrical, but above all she is STILL STANDING....

Merry Friggin' Christmas.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Massage and the "big winners"

Well it's Monday again, so I'm falling behind schedule with my updates!  So here's what went down at last week's Child Birthing Class...

First things first, we got a new teacher. She is no doubt a bit crunchy but so much better than Sue. So this week's class was all about stress techniques and calming the mother yourself during the birth. Most of what was taught involved the husband doing some sort of massage - be it - head, back, hand, etc. The best part was that for each technique she described,  she then had the husbands test out their "capabilities" on their wives. Oh, oh, and we got to use the pillows! Did I mention that I love pillows about as much as I love robes.

So yes, they had us lay on the floor (sans groaning/rolling around as John expected), with pillows and made our husbands massage us for like an hour. Let's put it this way, I wasn't going to complain. Usually I have to pay $80+ for the rub-down at some local spa, but this one John was "forced" into doing with no strings attached. Of course he told me that I tricked him into going to this class so I could get massaged.  Truthfully, I had no idea what the class agenda was going to be, but it worked out for me. Of course John gave me a hard time when I told him that I needed more of the lavender mint lotion for the hand massage part (you know me, go big or go home) and said he wouldn't be able to drive home because his hands would be slipping off the steering wheel. Fear not, I got more lotion and we made it home - win/win.

So clearly getting an unexpected massage was the highlight of the night, but a close second was John and I continuing to get a laugh at overachievers in our class. There is one couple in particular that really throws us for a loop... they look totally normal, could maybe be friends of ours, and then they start with their questions/comments and it's game over. They have clearly been taking this whole birthing education thing to a new level and are in it to prove they are the most educated people out there. They  have read every book, taken multiple classes at the hospital, plan to have a natural non-medicated birth, and love to show how much they know. So it should have come to no surprise that when our new instructor, Christi, asked if any of us had done the hospital tour already their hands were first in the air. Truth be told, John and I had already done the tour too... a few weeks back when picking the hospital before I realized they were going to do a tour in this class (we're not losers, I swear). So our instructor told us we'd be touring for the first hour of the following week's class and since we had already done it we could meet up with the class an hour later next week. I, of course wanted to high-five John and yell out "woohoo" like when a teacher in college cancelled class (inappropriate). But what do you think Frick and Frack our "winner" classmates who had also already attended the tour said, "Oh Christi, we'd like to do the tour again." Seriously brown nosers?!? Did you not get enough the first time? Does seeing a hospital bed and equipment really do it for you?  I don't get it. I mean, I am all for feeling prepared, but these two are over the top. Fine, they win. And don't get John started on the other classmate who was asking about how he could get down next to the doctor while his wife was pushing and ensure he would see the crowning.
I'm beginning to think we are the crazy ones for wanting to have a birth where we let the doctors "drive," that doesn't involve mirrors down there (or my husband), and one that uses modern medicine/pain meds. To each their own, but in our class it's for sure that one of these things is not like the others, and it's us.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shower, and was it ever!

33 weeks pregnant

Last Saturday was my baby shower for the little guy, and it was such a beautiful day! I could not have felt more lucky. Meggie and my sister hosted the event, and they had some extra helpers too, my friend Michelle and her sister Alli Standford (childhood friends from St. Louis who we thankfully reconnected with when we all ended up in Denver!), and of course my mom was also there by their sides helping cooking, set-up, etc. It was a wonderful team effort and I felt SO lucky! Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting it all together! I am so lucky to have wonderful friends and family like you!

We woke up to snow in the morning, which actually made for an awesome setting for the day. My mom and John's mom both came in for the event - it was great having them here to share in the excitement. The rest of the crew that attended was friends from here in Denver, and wow are they great because this little baby boy made out like a bandit! I felt like I was opening presents for hours, wait, I think I was. So lucky!

Without further ado here are just a few photos from the day....

adorable details

Guess "whoo" the baby is :) Game we played with photos of all the attendees baby pictures.

Gretchen  + Krystal

Mom + Meg's

Elysia's awesome "cake" gift
Beautiful Pam + Me

My RNLers

Our STL crew.... The Hennings & Stanford Gals
Apologies that I have an issue keeping my legs tightly closed... belly gets in the way!

Me + The Moms

Meggie + Me

The lovely hostess' rubbing the belly!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let's talk about our feelings

John and I had our 1st birthing class this past Monday night at the hospital. This is 4-part class on Monday evenings, and each one is 3 hours long. Of course John has grumbled a little bit about what these classes were going entail... "this is going to be a bunch of douche bags, crying and holding hands talking about feelings." Such a tough man he his, right. I was arguing that these classes are meant to educate you on the birth process and are not at all going to be some "baby kumbaya session." Then prior to the class he read on the class description that you're supposed to bring 2 pillows and a blanket, of course his response was "Great, so you're going to be rolling around on the ground groaning with pillows." Groaning? Why would I be groaning...I'm not having the baby in the class.

So miracle enough, we make it to the class and shortly after in rolls our teacher for the evening, Sue. In addition to being a class instructor, Sue is also a doula at the hospital (of course once she tells us this John is whispering to me "Boulder hippie" under his breath). I hate to admit it, but I think he was right. True to form, Sue lit up like a Christmas tree when she found out one of the women in the class worked at Whole Foods, and her seat of choice to teach the glass was an exercise ball (or birthing ball as they are referred to in class).

So, Ms. Sue started the class with a list of questions for each of us to write our answers on papers including things like...Who are your parenting role model's? What are you hopes and dreams for the baby? What are your concerns for the birth? What qualities do you and your partner have to be good parents? Crap Sue, way to hang me out to dry.... here we are 5 minutes into the class and you've got us doing "feeling questions." Of course this led to discussions with the group about our answers  (I might add that John decided to just not answer some questions, instead he just re-wrote the question down on his paper. Typical, nothing has changed since college). This activity was followed up with some break out sessions between the husbands and wives where we each made lists of concerns about the birth/process.... the men were then asked to have someone present their list of concerns outloud, and shockingly enough yours truly, John was the scribe and presenter for the boys. While it was somewhat nice to hear that the boys were all concerned with our safety, pain through this process and being about to support us somehow, it certainly wasn't making me feel more prepared to push this baby out.

I kept waiting for us to get into the real material of the class... by 9pm (class was scheduled till 9:30) I realized it wasn't happening this week. Sue could talk and did she ever, she gave her opinion and thoughts on each topic/concern/feeling mentioned through evening - she talked so much we didn't have time to watch the video they apparently show the first evening. And much to my disappointment we never used the pillows either.  Instead Sue wanted to rock around on her exercise ball and talk about our feelings instead of getting into the meat of it. Great. I will say that she did spend the last 30 minutes discussing effacement, dilation and the different between a natural birth and one with an epidural. Sue had a little plastic "toy" (if you will) of a dilating you know what that she used to show us each phase of labor. As I sat in the class I realized that I was the ONLY woman in there who was not planning/hoping to do this el natural. Frankly after hearing Sue's description I am baffled as to why anyone could leave there thinking natural was really better. What I heard Sue tell us is that the last 3 cm's of dilation are awful. Really, really awful. If you have some drugs it's better. I equate this with climbing a fourteener or taking the gondola to the top... either way you're going to summit, and after doing my handful of fourteeners (and crying for the last 40 minutes of them with John convincing me I can do it while I scream that I hate 14ers and want off the mountain) I know which one is more appealing. I'll be taking the gondola through this labor, I think it's best for all of us. Boulder hippies feel free to judge, that means you too Sue.

So, as we wrapped up the class I realized that John might have been right on this one. Next week better be better. We were barely in the car before John started ranting that we were one step away from all holding hands and doing a human Caterpillar with everyone in the class. He also really enjoyed the discussion about dilation...In fact I think his comment on that was "I am not sitting through another education on the size of lady parts. Remember sex-ed class? All the boys went into one room and the girls went in another, why is this any different?" We pretty much laughed the entire ride home. Did we learn a lot? No. Did it provide some entertainment for us and a few laughs? Yes.

I know you will all be disappointed to hear that will we have a different instructor next week. Sue was just filling in because she LOVES talking about this so, so, so much. See ya next Monday Birthing Class.... To be continued...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Get low, get low....

I had my 32 week appointment scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 22nd, but when we scheduled my flight back to Cincinnati I was going to have to miss my appointment.  I called my doctor first thing in the morning on Monday and explained the situation and she squeeze me in later that hour. With all the travel I was going to be doing she wanted to see me before I left town. What a sweetheart and this certainely helped ease minds amongst my family since you always hear no travel in the 3rd trimester.

She checked the baby's position, size, etc. He is currently measuring a week ahead at 33 weeks, and she said that is likely because of his length (and me being tall). She wasn't concerned about it because my weight is right on track.  Whew, I REALLY don't want to birth a 10lb baby.  Without getting graphic she did a full exam to make sure there weren't any concerns before I hopped on the plane (all good)... She was like "Wow, he's sitting really low! Like really low and has already moved into a head down position." (fingers crossed he will stay in this position because then there isn't concern of him being breech, but you never know, he could still flip). He hasn't "dropped" or anything  like that he just has taken home pretty low which again is nothing to be concerned about it was more of an observation on the doctor's behalf.  I wasn't surprised when she told me this because lately I have been feeling like I'm going to pee my pants about 10x a day and then I go and it's barely a squirt - makes sense since he has his big ol' head right ON my bladder.  Thanks buddy. The plus side is that I haven't felt him up in my ribs like lots of mom's complain about. Baby McG is getting down low with his bad self... told you he is going to be a party animal.

Anyway point being, I was cleared for travel, and I had A LOT of stops in just a week span...I went from Denver to Dayton (Thank you Krystal for the early morning DIA drop off) and John picked me up and we drove back down to Cincinnati. After a few days in Cincy, we drove to Louisville, KY to fly to Omaha (oh yeah, and we had a layover at Midway in Chicago)... then it was onto Omaha. After celebrating Thanksgiving in Omaha we hopped in car on Saturday and headed the 7 hours back to Denver.  After 3+ weeks of John being away it is nice for us to all be back at home sweet home! It's been a whirlwind few weeks, but thankfully things with the baby seem to be moving right along. Thanks again to all the family and friends who have helped support us along the way! And circumstances aside it was great to be able to see so much of our family in the past week. Hope everyone had nice thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Breast is best

Last Tuesday night while John was in Cincinnati I attended a class at the hospital on "breastfeeding basics." Enlightening to say the least. I was surprised that I was only one of 3 ladies in the class who didn't have their significant other attending the class with them... honestly I'm not sure if John was in town I would have made him attend. I mean, pretty sure he isn't going to be doing the breast feeding, as awesome as that would be.  Why these gals feel the need to drag their husbands to a 3 hour clinic on breastfeeding I don't get it. Whatever, to each their own.

I learned a lot of crazy things at this class, for example your rib cage will increase an average of 1-2" during pregancy and decrease by an average of 1-2" after giving birth... well no wonder my bras are strangling me by the end of the day.  Another interesting thing I learned is that the first 4 days of breast milk after giving birth is called the "colostrum" otherwise known as "liquid gold"  - such gold in fact that the class instructor pumped some of hers when she gave birth to her oldest and saved it to give to her over cereal when she came down with a cold years later. WHAA??? Not a lie, that's what she told the class. She also breast fed this particular daughter till she was 3. Huh, last I checked 3 year old's have teeth. This. Is. Not. Alright.

Crazy extremest instructor aside, I did get a much better understanding of what's to come from this class and learned a lot. I feel like I now know the different positions to get the baby to latch and techniques to get the job done... I'm sure it is so much easier said than done, but I feel a lot more comfortable now.

One other fun fact I thought was crazy was that if you were to formula feed a baby for the first year the average cost is a whopping  $4000.... while breastfeeding is $0. In a world where everyone is concerned about money and the economy you'd have to be pretty stupid to not breastfeed (aside from a laundry list of other benefits). Bottom line, boobs are recession proof.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rest in Peace

I need to take a moment to diverge from my typical banter to share some less fortunate news. Sadly on Sunday, November 19, 2011 John's dad passed away. A life that surely seems cut too short at just 60 years old. It devastates me to think that he will never meet or hold his first grandson in just a few months or walk Molly, his only daughter, down the aisle on the day when she says "I do." It hardly seems like he was finished with his work here on earth, but I suppose sometimes God has plans that are not our own. Now we have to remember the good times and many memories we have of him, and rest assured knowing that he will be looking down on us...

John Patrick McGarry
January 5, 1951 - November 19, 2011

To back up for just a minute....John and I quickly headed to Cincinnati on Nov 9th (the day before John's b'day) when we got a call that his dad was in the hospital and there might not be much more time. After being there for several days we decided I'd come back to Denver for this past week (I'm trying to save my PTO days for when the baby arrives) when we knew things were going to take a bit more time.  John has spent nearly 2 weeks in Cincinnati waiting by his dad's side in the hospital. It has not been easy to be apart from him this past week, especially with knowing all that has been weighing on his shoulders. I feel terrible that I wasn't there when his dad actually passed, but I suppose this is one of those situations you just have to accept, and I'm heading back this week for the visitation and funeral.  While this has been a most difficult time for us the outpouring of love and support from all of our friends and other family members has really helped. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the text's, calls, emails, etc from so many of you offering to help, checking to see how things are going, and sending many kind words. I feel so blessed that John and I have such wonderful friends and families. Thank you all for your love and support, and please continue to keep us in your thoughts this coming week as the next few days will continue to be difficult. Remember to give your families that extra hug at Thanksgiving this year because life truly is too short

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm going to be a barn animal...

As I mentioned my girlfriend's from high school came to visit this weekend. Robin and Kathryn both had baby boys almost 2 years ago... so they are filled with tons of good advice, stories, etc. On Sunday night after going to dinner we sat around chatting about things like finding day care and questions to ask a pediatrician when interviewing them, etc. Somehow Kat and I got on the topic of breastfeeding.... Don't get me wrong I plan on doing it, but being that I didn't grow up in a family of breast feeders (stop judging) I feel really ignorant to this topic, and frankly it sort of makes me uncomfortable...Let's put it this way, I'm that person that cannot understand why someone would sit in the MIDDLE of the mall breast feeding. I mean, I get it, the kid has to eat and sometimes you're at the mall. But really is it necessary to sit right in the middle of the mall with your boob out?? How is this appropriate? And don't act like that blanket you have draped over you makes me not know what it going on under there. People excuse it because it's "natural"... well it's also natural for me to be half dressed and in a robe but you don't see me in public like that (despite the fact that I'd love it). So I vow to never have my nipple, boob, or anything that should be hidden under a bra AND a shirt out in public for feeding purposes - Nordstrom has very lovely restrooms for these moments. But I digress, because I really am down for the breastfeeding challenge; lezzdoit!

So Kathryn, was giving me all the insider girlfriend deets on breastfeeding and pumping. Up until this point I hadn't registered for a pump, it just seemed like an item that maybe you shouldn't register for. I guess I equated it with registering for your lingerie for the night of your wedding. Well, Kathryn convinced me otherwise and had me back on amazon adding her beloved "milker" to my list. Her advice was to get the one that does both you know what's at once so it doesn't take forever when you're at work. Yep, just like a barn animal [insert sucking noise]. She also suggested getting the bra that goes with the pump so that I can keep working while I pump. WHAT?!?! I'm sorry this concept put me over the edge.

Better yet, the company that makes these bras has images on their site showing you just how easy it is too keep on working (wink, wink). Please tell me how did they did this photo shoot without totally losing it?!? It's like they strapped Bessie up to the pump and she is supposed to just keep on working? Um, no. This will not happen. I'll be quietly alone in my office's nursing mother's room with a locked door. There is no way the model in this picture could possibly take herself seriously....
Nothing says sexy like a couple of pumps hanging from your ta-ta's.... moo!

You are welcome for the laugh. I know this made my day, and I really needed a good laugh. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Girls just wanna have fun

This past weekend my 2 girlfriends from high school came to visit me and Val, another high school friend who lives here in Denver. It was go-go-go for Baby "Wendall" me but we had a total blast.... We crammed a lot into just a few days... Red Rocks, Evengreen, Manis/Pedis, the Denver Art Museum, Brewery Tour, lots of good meals, drinks (not for me of course) and girl time! It was great to have them visit, and here's a few pics from their visit...

Yep, we also celebrated "Movember"

Scoring some points...

A friend of my mother-in-law's had sent on a website site basically it's like Gilt Groupe but for baby gear. Anyway, she sent it onto me because they had the stroller I wanted on there for $300 off (just like Gilt Groupe the sales last for a limited time and quantities are also limited).... I know, you're thinking shouldn't the stroller itself be $300 or less... believe me, the sticker shock with some of this stuff is unreal. But there it was in all it's glory... the exact model and color at a "steal" of a price.

So, on Thursday the sale went live and I had through the weekend until Monday to pull the trigger... Or so I thought...Thursday evening John and I had a brief conversation about it.... as in he was walking out the door and I was walking in the door, and he asked "did you look the stroller?" And I had yet to check it out. So, after looking at it online that night I decided this deal was probably too good to pass up,  although, I felt like I needed to get the "green light" from John beforehand, so I held off assuming John and I would chat about it over the weekend.

Fast forward to the following morning at work. John sent me a message on gchat....
John: "So did you order the stroller?"
Me: "No, I was waiting for you to give me the ok."
John: "Well it now says the silver mica color is sold out."
Me: "WHAT?! Are you kidding me, it said we had until Monday, I never thought it would run out!! Oh I'm so pissed, I am seriously going to cry."
John: "Let's just get the red one then."
Me: "No, I don't want the red! I want the silver! I am so mad...Why didn't you just tell me to buy it last night?!" (Hey, my nickname as a kid wasn't Varouca for nothing, and I have the excuse that my hormones are raging).

At this point I frantically started emailing the customer service on the website and trying to figure out how I was going to get my hands on the silver stroller. An hour or so passed without any word from the Zulily site.  Clearly they do not care about me and my raging hormones. I had all but given up hope as I sat at my desk pouting.  With that John forwarded me an order confirmation email from for the silver stroller! I have no idea how he did it, and he isn't sharing his secret, but that's alright because I GOT IT... I guess all that practice from buying stuff on sites like Steep & Cheap paid off.  At the risk of sounding slighly schmoopy (gag)... He completely made my day! He for sure got some points for this one.
Then the following day the bed and dresser arrived! Thanks to the help of John, my sister, and Todd it made it up the 2 flights of stairs and John put the crib together before I even had to ask! Apparently he's more handy than I thought... add another point to the John McGarry tally for the week.

And now the nursery is well underway!  The walls were painted last week (see below) and the crib and dresser are put in place.

I included a few close-up shots of the dresser and crib... I have to admit I was REALLY impressed with the quality of the furniture (check out that dovetailing on the drawers, boyah!). And yes, as you can see Boomer is waiting for the baby to arrive.