Friday, July 20, 2012

Time for foodies...errr...not.

Great.... Ian is going to be picky, and I cannot stand picky people... they irritate me so much. You know the type, you have them over for dinner and you have to worry and worry about them not liking anything, then you cater the meal to their limited tastes much to your demise. And then as you are clearing plates after eating you notice that despite your efforts to make the most bland meal they have still picked around half of it and you see a pile of things on the side of the plate they clearly don't want/like. ANNOYING. honestly I just never want to be a burden or nuisance to someone especially when they are making me food so I will truly eat just about anything you put in front of me, and I expect my child to do the same. To try to avoid my kid being picky I ate anything and everything I typically would when prego and continue to do so while breast-feeding... I do spicy, I do ethnic, I do fish, I do steak, I do veggies, I do fruit, I do more sweets than I should... I do it all. I swear there isn't a thing out there I won't touch. And Ian (inadvertently consuming it) hasn't seem to be phased by it - I never noticed him kicking extra  after a spicy meal when pregnant, and he sucks down the milk regardless of what I may have eaten prior to pumping. So you can imagine my shock and horror when at 4-5 months the pediatrician told me to start trying some solids with Ian and he was less than impressed.

Case in point...

Looks like this will be a long road, but (mark my words) we will NOT be serving a bottle until he is 20, nor will hot-dogs, chicken fingers and mac-n-cheese be the staple dinner served in my house despite the fact that dad would love it. Not on my watch.  I keep on trying a little bit with him everyday; I can't say we have had success yet, but they say you have to just keep on trying. I have the fancy baby food maker and I am all excited to actually use it. Ugh. Oh well, I'm sure he will be downing my nice mixed green salad with pine nuts, goat cheese and cranberries in no time (note the salad behind him on the counter).