Thursday, August 1, 2013

18 Months

I can't believe that Ian is 18th months! Where has the time gone? Everyone warns you that it goes so quickly and enjoy every second, but man, they weren't lying.

Ian scored high remarks at his 18th month check-up and all looks to be progressing as it should be. Below are his stats:

Weight: 25lbs 11oz - 66th percentile (that's a 11% jump since his last check-up)
Height/Length: 34 1/2" - 96th percentile (dipped below a 100 for the first time but still top of the charts)
Head circumference:  19 1/8"  -- 79th percentile (a 19% increase....wozah)

The doctor was surprised to see a constant increase in his weight as a lot of toddlers plateau at this point since they tend to be more mobile and less interested in food. Ian is a total foodie though (thank God...he even LOVES tomatoes unlike his dad); Ian is not at all picky! He would shovel an entire carton of raspberries in his mouth in about 3 minutes if I allow it. His height percentage dropped 4% from the 100th to the 96th percentile....still top of the charts, no doubt but down a hair. People always think he's older than he is because he's tall  - heck, he is as big as the 3 year old girls in his day care so I can't blame people for thinking he's older... 
The thing the doctor was most "impressed" with was how much Ian was talking. She commented that he has a vocabulary and ability to string multiple words together beyond most 2 year olds. I can't imagine where this chatter box comes from?? No one in our household has ever been accused of being a talker (insert MAJOR sarcasm).  And he is a freaking ham.... I swear he plays to the crowd and says stuff and waits for a reaction. I absolutely have my hands full, and my mom can relish in the fact that my "payback" is coming.

So I thought it would be fun to make a list of all the things he is saying at 18th months (I'm really only doing this for myself to be able to look back on):
  1. Mama (yeah, I'm going to go ahead and put that first)
  2. Mommy
  3. Dada 
  4. Dede
  5. Pa (what he is saying for pops right now)
  6. Emily
  7. Todd
  8. Mimi (Aunt Mary)
  9. Gigi (girl at his day care)
  10. Addy (girl at his daycare)
  11. Jade (girl at daycare)
  12. Brittany ("teacher" at daycare)
  13. Barb & Barbara
  14. Abin (Aspen, "teacher" at daycare)
  15. Tony (Aspen's boyfriend)
  16. Harry (little baby at his day care)
  17. Baby
  18. Apple
  19. Berries
  20. Pizza (which he requests often)
  21. Cracker
  22. Cheerios (often sounds like Cheetos)
  23. Nana (in reference to a banana)
  24. Elmo
  25. Car
  26. Truck
  27. Outside
  28. Upstairs
  29. Hat
  30. Home
  31. Pillow (sounds more like pallow)
  32. Towel
  33. Bubbles
  34. Ball
  35. Peeese (Please)
  36. Tank two (Thank you)
  37. Go! Go! (usually yells this when baseball is on TV)
  38. Baba 
  39. Cup
  40. Book
  41. Dog
  42. Puppy
  43. Kitty
  44. Cat
  45. Boomer
  46. Meow
  47. Cow
  48. Moo
  49. Pig
  50. Chick
  51. Uh oh!
  52. Nose
  53. Mouth
  54. Ear
  55. Eye
  56. Belly
  57. Head
  58. I want....
  59. Cookie
  60. Cracker
  61. Bean
  62. More
  63. Juice
  64. Milk
  65. Truck
  66. Game
  67. Waffle
  68. Pancake
  69. Cado (referring to avocado)
  70. Boomer
  71. PoCo (referring to a Popsicle)
  72. Pone (phone)
  73. Sock
  74. Shoe
  75. Shorts
  76. Pants
  77. Barmey (Barney)
  78. Elmo
  79. Keys
  80. Teeth
  81. G (referring to Gretchen)
  82. Kisstel (Krystal)
  83. E-O (how he usually says Ian)
  84. Here you go
  85. Chair
  86. Hi
  87. Hello
  88. Bye bye
  89. Bye baby
  90. No
  91. Yes
  92. Toto (tomato)
  93. Yeah
  94. Noodle
  95. Cheese
  96. I
  97. poop & poo
  98. pee
  99. Now
  100. TV
  101. Bath
  102. Towel (and asks for it to dry his hands)
  103. Mine
  104. You
  105. Tunnel
  106. geen (green)
  107. I want to go .....
  108. Potty
  109. More (and often does the hand signal for more when saying it)
  110. Kiss
  111. Bed
  112. Sleep
  113. This (often says "this is dada's" or "this mama's" when he finds our belongings)
  114. Cup
  115. Hot
  116. Up
  117. Down
  118. I'm dum (I'm done)....this one always cracks me up.
  119. Down and "get down" (he often points to the floor and tells John or I to "get down" so he can jump on us). 
  120. Play 
  121. One
  122. Two
  123. Ouch!
  124. Owie
  125. TV
  126. Me
  127. Mia (girl at daycare)
  128. Baoon (balloon)
  129. Hey
  130. Bike
  131. Woah!

Not too shabby. Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.... I'll add to the list this week as he says things I've forgotten on here. All in all, he's doing great! And chatting and let's not forget eating away! 

Tonight he told me "Mommy, I want Elmo on TV now" (as he was handing me the remote). He knows what he wants and when he wants it,  and now is learning how to actually ask for's a lot of fun to watch and makes getting bossed around by a baby not so bad.