Monday, September 26, 2011

Um, I've become a Mormon...

This past weekend was spent up in Steamboat for our annual IIDA Board Retreat. (I have to add that it was PRIME leaf changing weekend...which made for a beautiful and scenic drive...I'm trying to track down a few pics of that). I'm on the board and our chapter encompasses the Rocky Mountain Region which means Salt Lake City is a big part of our territory. This retreat in Steamboat is the only time the entire board is together since our board is split between Denver and Salt Lake people. As expected a lot of the Salt Lake board members are Mormon, or LDS as they refer to themselves. This was my 4th year attending the board retreat - at this point we've gotten accustomed to the fact that us from Denver live our lives differently than our Salt Lake counterparts but honestly we get along really well, and have a lot to learn from each other.

However, this year, I realized my life isn't so different anymore...

In the evenings after a day full of meetings and "business" the board cuts loose. I think we all know that Mormons don't drink. I'm not sure I really understand the reasons behind this "rule" within their religion, but they don't touch the stuff (their loss, right?). In past years I've been part of the Denver group drinking while the LDS people sit by and watch us. Boy oh boy how the tables have turned. This year, I found myself serving people glasses of wine and cleaning up after the drinkers, while I stood by with the LDS people, just watching. I even went to bed before the "party was over" 2 nights in a row -
which has been against my own personal religion.

Another big no-no in the Mormon religion is drinking caffeine... and as we all know, pregnant women have to limit their intake. So the LDS members weren't the only one skipping the morning coffee at this retreat. I will say - as a total sidebar - LDS people have some loose rules around this caffeine thing.... coffee and tea are big no's but for some reason they don't have as much a problem with slipping a coke or 2 into their daily intake. I'd like to pretend that diet coke doesn't have caffeine either, that's some bs.

I am happy to report that while I feel closely aligned with the morals of Mormons these days, I can still break it down when an impromptu dance party breaks out in the kitchen....
yah, yah... the babe and I can back it up!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Racking up the miles from the womb

For labor day weekend we (John, baby McG, and I) traveled to San Diego with our friends, "Uncle Bacon," Gretchen and Krystal. We were able to squeeze a ton into just a few days... a Rockies game, whale watching, beach time, site seeing and brewery visits. Yes, that's right brewery visits....Baby and Mama got to be the dd for the breweries.... or as John says "I'm taking one for the team." I am recording/documenting all these times I "take one for the team" and I will redeeming my re-payment after Jan 2012.

Here we are whale watching.... pretty cool stuff and we saw 5 whales!

When we were in SD we even got to see John's cousin, Megan! We met for brunch in Pacific Beach and it was great to be able to catch up a bit.

We returned late Sunday night, and I had Monday to unpack one suitcase and repack another for my travels up to Northern Michigan for Meggie's wedding. I told you we were racking up the miles.

Time in Michigan flew by! There was tons to do preparing for the wedding, and once the festivities began and guests started to arrive time went even faster. It was a great week, and my best friend made a beautiful bride (you'll see in the photos below). I was terrible and left my camera in a bag during the wedding so I never got a picture of John & I, or really one showcasing my bump...oh well, whatcha gunna do. I did have a moment when I got the dress on where I looked at Meggie's sister and said... "Um, I look pregnant." Of course she was like "Yeah." I mean, I know my pants don't really button, but I seem to just forget this reality until I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

Anyway, one of my favorite things from the weekend had to be seeing lots of old friends, including a bunch of the girls from college. There were lots of "can I feel your belly?" and excitement from the girls. It was great too because, Lindsay, one of the college housemates just had a baby girl in June so she was full of tips and things to think about. She made me realize I've been ignoring the whole step where the baby comes out... yeah. Still ignoring.

The photo above is from after the rehearsal dinner. Julie (who is next to me on the left in this picture above) is due with her 2nd (a baby girl) just a few days before me! Below are a few pictures from the big day. You'll see me and Baby McG in the picture of "us" walking into the rehearsal with Ben (the best man).

See I look pregnant. Sheesh.

Ben's wife is expecting a few weeks before me! Babies, babies everywhere!

After a great long week away, we're now safe and sound and back in Denver. No more big trips plans until the baby's arrival. It's quite a bizarre feeling since John and I rarely sit still. I guess it's time to go into full on nesting mode.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pain in the a$$

Quite literally. For weeks my biggest complaint would have to be that my sciatic nerve is KILLING me. The sciatic nerve is one of the biggest nerves in your body and it runs from the lower back all the way down the leg. Well because of how the baby has been positioned right on my nerve every time I move my left leg I have felt like I'm getting stabbed in the left buttcheek. Sometimes when I go to re-adjust in a chair or God forbid get up out of the car I feel a horrible shooting/piercing pain. I'm not being dramatic, the pain is honestly debilitating.

My doctor said it's a common problem associated with pregnancy, and there is really little you can do about it except deal (of course not). Her only suggestion was doing some stretch where I pull my leg up above my head (which she had me demonstrate to her in a dress at my last appointment, lovely). I've been doing my stretch with little to no improvement and after dancing the night away at Meggie's wedding on Saturday I was beyond limping on Sunday morning. In fact I got up many times during the night to stand up because I couldn't even move in my sleep without wanting to die it hurt so bad. All day Sunday I was the most miserable I've been with the nerve. And then yesterday something happened....


Yesterday at work when sitting at my desk I could feel him moving around a lot, which I am honestly just starting to feel. But yesterday it was pretty obvious to me that, that was what I was feeling. Then a few mintues later when I cautiously got up to get something from the copier I was stunned that it wasn't painful. He must of moved his butt off my nerve finally, and for the moment I feel like a brand new person. I am really, really hoping he doesn't go back to sitting where he was although I have a feeling this is going to be short lived.

Well this sounds awful.

Remember those weekly updates I get from Well, this was the update from this past week. Man, it's no wonder people have postpartum... So many side affects to deal with I could feel depressed thinking about it. "The mask of pregnancy"!?!?! Why was I not warned? As though getting fat wasn't enough. I escaped adolescences without acne, and now threats of some blotchy darkening skin and red hands?? Mark my words, I'm going into hiding if I get this mask, that or the Bobbi Brown counter better get their foundation ready. And all you ever hear is that pregnant women's skin glow... Yeah, apparently "glowing " dark blotches. Consider yourself warned. And I'm not even addressing the darkening of other areas or the "dark line" also discussed - that's enough to put me over the edge. I have had enough of you this week Baby Center.