Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Racking up the miles from the womb

For labor day weekend we (John, baby McG, and I) traveled to San Diego with our friends, "Uncle Bacon," Gretchen and Krystal. We were able to squeeze a ton into just a few days... a Rockies game, whale watching, beach time, site seeing and brewery visits. Yes, that's right brewery visits....Baby and Mama got to be the dd for the breweries.... or as John says "I'm taking one for the team." I am recording/documenting all these times I "take one for the team" and I will redeeming my re-payment after Jan 2012.

Here we are whale watching.... pretty cool stuff and we saw 5 whales!

When we were in SD we even got to see John's cousin, Megan! We met for brunch in Pacific Beach and it was great to be able to catch up a bit.

We returned late Sunday night, and I had Monday to unpack one suitcase and repack another for my travels up to Northern Michigan for Meggie's wedding. I told you we were racking up the miles.

Time in Michigan flew by! There was tons to do preparing for the wedding, and once the festivities began and guests started to arrive time went even faster. It was a great week, and my best friend made a beautiful bride (you'll see in the photos below). I was terrible and left my camera in a bag during the wedding so I never got a picture of John & I, or really one showcasing my bump...oh well, whatcha gunna do. I did have a moment when I got the dress on where I looked at Meggie's sister and said... "Um, I look pregnant." Of course she was like "Yeah." I mean, I know my pants don't really button, but I seem to just forget this reality until I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

Anyway, one of my favorite things from the weekend had to be seeing lots of old friends, including a bunch of the girls from college. There were lots of "can I feel your belly?" and excitement from the girls. It was great too because, Lindsay, one of the college housemates just had a baby girl in June so she was full of tips and things to think about. She made me realize I've been ignoring the whole step where the baby comes out... yeah. Still ignoring.

The photo above is from after the rehearsal dinner. Julie (who is next to me on the left in this picture above) is due with her 2nd (a baby girl) just a few days before me! Below are a few pictures from the big day. You'll see me and Baby McG in the picture of "us" walking into the rehearsal with Ben (the best man).

See I look pregnant. Sheesh.

Ben's wife is expecting a few weeks before me! Babies, babies everywhere!

After a great long week away, we're now safe and sound and back in Denver. No more big trips plans until the baby's arrival. It's quite a bizarre feeling since John and I rarely sit still. I guess it's time to go into full on nesting mode.

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  1. so I totally did not realize I had to join the blog to keep getting the updates. whoops! Sarah I really enjoyed reading all of the blogs and excited to finally see the baby bump. You look amazing and you are wearing baby McG well. Miss you guys and look forward to future blogs now that I can get them.