Monday, September 12, 2011

Well this sounds awful.

Remember those weekly updates I get from Well, this was the update from this past week. Man, it's no wonder people have postpartum... So many side affects to deal with I could feel depressed thinking about it. "The mask of pregnancy"!?!?! Why was I not warned? As though getting fat wasn't enough. I escaped adolescences without acne, and now threats of some blotchy darkening skin and red hands?? Mark my words, I'm going into hiding if I get this mask, that or the Bobbi Brown counter better get their foundation ready. And all you ever hear is that pregnant women's skin glow... Yeah, apparently "glowing " dark blotches. Consider yourself warned. And I'm not even addressing the darkening of other areas or the "dark line" also discussed - that's enough to put me over the edge. I have had enough of you this week Baby Center.

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