Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some people just can't help themselves....

Grammy "DeDe" is so excited that she already went out and bought baby McG some clothes (including his adorable St. Patrick's day outfit), and Pops is so excited he keeps sending me pictures to show them all off. This is the beauty of finding out the sex ahead of time... a full wardrobe for the first year from the grandparents. Can't wait to see what she gets tomorrow, because we all know she will somehow find herself in the baby department at a store buying more!


  1. I can't believe you posted that dreadful picture of me, although, the sentiment was nice. I will not be so stupid to be photographed in the near future. No more fashion shows on Skype!

  2. Molly and I are sending a little package to you too. I bought a couple of things in Poland on my last night there since I knew the sex. Molly and Mark picked up alittle somthing too. This is so awesome.