Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Things. Are. Changing.

Up until this week, most people didn't think I was really showing....for those who know me well they might say I had the extreme bloated look...that or I was just looking like a chubby girl after eating too many girls scout cookies versus looking like I was sporting a real baby bump. Showing? Expanding, yes.

Anyway here we are at 19 weeks and last night something terrifying happened for the first time ever.... I laid down on my back in bed and my belly is no longer flat. It has a bubble! Up until now I swear I could always lay down even on my most fat feeling day and it always flattened back down. Well, not anymore. At 19 weeks, I have "popped." And the scary thing is that it wasn't the case 2 days prior (I've been checking). This happened over night! I can't explain it but my entire stomach feels completely different... like some sort of firm paper mâché balloon.

I am continually reminded of Willy Wonka as Violet haunts me - that damn movie. The good news is that I am still wearing my normal pants today, but I have a feeling this is going to come to an end very soon. Very, very soon. Thankfully, I know my dear friend Marc, who I see just about every day, will let me know the moment I look like I've squeezed myself into a sausage casing and need to just throw in the towel and stop wearing any of my "normal" clothes.

After last night's incident, I looked at and analyzed myself in the mirror for nearly 10 minutes this morning when getting ready, as though I was looking at a foreign person. After 10 minutes I came to the conclusion "this is not my body, this is not me." It is truly like having an out of body experience to feel this transformation happen so quickly and without lots of pizza, fried food, and beer. Those who have been through this will have to vouch for me, it's a REALLY, really, really strange feeling.

I know some women gush about how much they love being pregnant. I on the other hand don't think I'm going to like this whole having a large belly and kankles part, I just like the end result. However, at this point I don't have a choice, so bring on the fupa ...err..bump. I'm going to research belly cream now, because God forbid I have stretch marks when I wake up tomorrow.

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