Thursday, August 18, 2011

16 weeks

Again, after feeling slightly normal (minus headaches and tiredness) I was concerned everything was going well with the baby. I am starting to realize that I now just worry about everything... when it's good I worry, when I feel bad I worry.... I guess this is the first phase of motherhood. Oh, and for the out-of-towners sake, I'm not really showing (expect for in my boobs which are becoming concernedly x-rated) my tummy just looks boated. I can feel my stomach tightening and stretching, which is good according to the doctor, but it hasn't "popped" yet.

I digress...
When I arrived at my 16 week appointment the doctor was like "Do you want me to get the ultra sound machine and see if we can tell if it's a boy or a girl?" Having told John he did not need to attend this appointment because they weren't doing anything other than checking my weight, blood pressure, etc I was instantly caught off guard.

Me: "Wait, I thought you don't do that until the next appointment?"
Doc: "We generally don't, but I bet we can tell today if you want to know earlier."

My mind is now racing that it's probably inappropriate for me to find
this out without John being there. Internally I was going back and forth on what to do.

Me: "Yeah, let's do it."

And just like that... I caved.

The doctor came back with the ultrasound machine and within seconds the baby was moving away on the screen with a heart rate of 151. For those of you who follow the old wives tales this heart rate says it's a girl.... but we didn't get to find out this day after all. The baby was being
modest (clearly doesn't take after it's mother), and wasn't spreading it's legs wide enough for the doctor to get a good view. Doh! I figured this was God's way of making sure I did the right thing and had John there for the "finding out" appointment.

Despite the modesty, we did get a few good pictures of the baby. John really struggled to understand these pics so to clarify I added some tags, but for a frame of reference, the baby is head down in these.

In other good news, I had them do the screenings (were they test for an increased risk in things like downs, spina bifida, etc) because I'm a nervous nelly who needs to know everything, and the results were all great.... no concerns. Whew! For those friends considering getting prego... start taking your folic acid, it works! :)

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