Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Get low, get low....

I had my 32 week appointment scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 22nd, but when we scheduled my flight back to Cincinnati I was going to have to miss my appointment.  I called my doctor first thing in the morning on Monday and explained the situation and she squeeze me in later that hour. With all the travel I was going to be doing she wanted to see me before I left town. What a sweetheart and this certainely helped ease minds amongst my family since you always hear no travel in the 3rd trimester.

She checked the baby's position, size, etc. He is currently measuring a week ahead at 33 weeks, and she said that is likely because of his length (and me being tall). She wasn't concerned about it because my weight is right on track.  Whew, I REALLY don't want to birth a 10lb baby.  Without getting graphic she did a full exam to make sure there weren't any concerns before I hopped on the plane (all good)... She was like "Wow, he's sitting really low! Like really low and has already moved into a head down position." (fingers crossed he will stay in this position because then there isn't concern of him being breech, but you never know, he could still flip). He hasn't "dropped" or anything  like that he just has taken home pretty low which again is nothing to be concerned about it was more of an observation on the doctor's behalf.  I wasn't surprised when she told me this because lately I have been feeling like I'm going to pee my pants about 10x a day and then I go and it's barely a squirt - makes sense since he has his big ol' head right ON my bladder.  Thanks buddy. The plus side is that I haven't felt him up in my ribs like lots of mom's complain about. Baby McG is getting down low with his bad self... told you he is going to be a party animal.

Anyway point being, I was cleared for travel, and I had A LOT of stops in just a week span...I went from Denver to Dayton (Thank you Krystal for the early morning DIA drop off) and John picked me up and we drove back down to Cincinnati. After a few days in Cincy, we drove to Louisville, KY to fly to Omaha (oh yeah, and we had a layover at Midway in Chicago)... then it was onto Omaha. After celebrating Thanksgiving in Omaha we hopped in car on Saturday and headed the 7 hours back to Denver.  After 3+ weeks of John being away it is nice for us to all be back at home sweet home! It's been a whirlwind few weeks, but thankfully things with the baby seem to be moving right along. Thanks again to all the family and friends who have helped support us along the way! And circumstances aside it was great to be able to see so much of our family in the past week. Hope everyone had nice thanksgiving!

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  1. I am so proud of Wendall for his in utero dance skills. I don't think i'd be too far off in saying that your womb is the next First Run. Perhaps you'll have a little Glenda in there next?