Saturday, November 26, 2011

Breast is best

Last Tuesday night while John was in Cincinnati I attended a class at the hospital on "breastfeeding basics." Enlightening to say the least. I was surprised that I was only one of 3 ladies in the class who didn't have their significant other attending the class with them... honestly I'm not sure if John was in town I would have made him attend. I mean, pretty sure he isn't going to be doing the breast feeding, as awesome as that would be.  Why these gals feel the need to drag their husbands to a 3 hour clinic on breastfeeding I don't get it. Whatever, to each their own.

I learned a lot of crazy things at this class, for example your rib cage will increase an average of 1-2" during pregancy and decrease by an average of 1-2" after giving birth... well no wonder my bras are strangling me by the end of the day.  Another interesting thing I learned is that the first 4 days of breast milk after giving birth is called the "colostrum" otherwise known as "liquid gold"  - such gold in fact that the class instructor pumped some of hers when she gave birth to her oldest and saved it to give to her over cereal when she came down with a cold years later. WHAA??? Not a lie, that's what she told the class. She also breast fed this particular daughter till she was 3. Huh, last I checked 3 year old's have teeth. This. Is. Not. Alright.

Crazy extremest instructor aside, I did get a much better understanding of what's to come from this class and learned a lot. I feel like I now know the different positions to get the baby to latch and techniques to get the job done... I'm sure it is so much easier said than done, but I feel a lot more comfortable now.

One other fun fact I thought was crazy was that if you were to formula feed a baby for the first year the average cost is a whopping  $4000.... while breastfeeding is $0. In a world where everyone is concerned about money and the economy you'd have to be pretty stupid to not breastfeed (aside from a laundry list of other benefits). Bottom line, boobs are recession proof.

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  1. BOOBS ARE RECESSION PROOF! I want to make you a t-shirt that says that.