Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Looking ahead...

We finished our final birthing class Monday night, and yesterday I had my 36 week appointment. Scary! That pretty much means there is only one thing left...

So I'll spare you the details on the birthing class from Monday night because it was mostly PowerPoint's and video watching on the baby right after delivery and then postpartum info. Exciting stuff. We're done now, so no more hippies to deal with on a weekly basis. Did I mention that John asked our teacher about the number of people who plan to deliver naturally (as in w/o drugs) here in Colorado versus other places, and our teacher said that at Rose (my hospital) the rate is around 50% plan to be natural, whereas at an east coast hospital a recent study showed that 90% plan to use an epidural. Why you ask? Our teacher said and I quote... "Well we have a lot more crunchy people here, and it's really become a trend to do natural birth." I've never been one for trends. Clearly, I am more of an east-coast b*tch at heart and proud of it. Drugs please.

On to the 36 week check up...

Doctors consider 36 weeks "to term" - technically 40 weeks is full term, but at 36 weeks you're good to go, and if labor should start, you're having the baby, meaning they aren't going to stop it. AHH! The big agenda item at today's appointment was to run test for Strep B (not the same strand as the strep you associate with a sore throat). This strep is "down-there" (um, yuck), but apparently 50% of women have it and unless you are about to deliver they would never treat it or even test for it - it isn't like some creepy STD - it's just a random virus people have usually without symptoms. However, if it goes untreated in delivery it can cause the baby harm so they just give you so meds on an IV when you're laboring and that's that. It's amazing all the crazy shit you learn when you're pregnant. So anyway, they ran that test, results tbd.

Then my doctor checked me out (if you catch my drift), and apparently unbeknownst to me I'm already 1cm dilated and 70% effaced (sorry for those of you who don't want these details about lady parts, like my husband). Um, ok... so when did this happen? I'm also measuring about 37 weeks. Long story short my doctor thinks I'll be going early. 70% effacement is pretty far along, and little buddy is still sitting really low and head-down. She said she doesn't think I'm going to have a Christmas baby, but doesn't think it will be too much longer either. My first thought was, Woohoo! Fine by me, let's get this show on the road! Then I felt a tinge of anxiety followed up with a minor panic attack after leaving the hospital when I realized I have no hospital bag packed, no sheets on the crib, the nursery drapes in progress, a 1/2 put-together nursery, an uninstalled carseat, no Christmas gifts wrapped, no food purchased for Christmas dinner, no name picked, projects to still be finished at work, etc. In light of this news I am likely to become a total crazy nut job in the next few weeks trying to "nest" and wrap things up so please disregard my behavior. I am also going to be the most non-committal person until his arrival... just assume I'm "tentative" from here on out.. it's nothing personal.

Aside from this news I had also told my doctor that I've been having a bit of pain right under my boob sort of where your ribs would be. She said it is likely muscular since pregnancy causes your liver and colon to all be pushed up to that spot and the little guy's butt is right there sitting on top of it all (and here I thought my liver was getting a nice 9 month break, so much for that, it's being smooched). But I also have some swelling in my legs/ankles this week (which is new since Friday night). Yes, it's official I have doctor confirmed kankles (we knew it was only a matter of time, and the time has come. I'm retaining water and turning into Willy Wonka's Violet... shoot me now). So, the doctor ran some additional blood work just to make sure the pain I'm feeling is in fact muscular and not a reason to induce labor. While it's doubtful it is anything serious because my blood pressure and weight were normal which would usually be out of whack as well if it was preeclampsia something like that, but better safe than sorry so she ran the blood work. I guess this means I should be sitting with my feet up and relaxing... Oh John! Time to get out the vacuum, it's your turn to do the pre-guest holiday cleaning.

I. can. give. up. control.

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