Sunday, December 18, 2011

30 Day and Counting!

That's right folks it's t-minus 30 days to my due date, not that I'm counting or anything... Fine, I am. I have to say, I really can't complain thus far about how things have been going, but I am starting to hit the point where I'm over this whole pregnancy thing. It's time for a BABY and we're ready to start getting use out of all the great new "gear" we have for the little guy.  Equally important, it's also time for me to have the ability to bend at the waist,  shave my legs without huffing and puffing, not feel anxiety about putting on socks and shoes, "enjoy" 3 months away from the office, sport a wardrobe that isn't comprised of 2 pairs of pants (sans buttons), have a cocktail, and sushi, and as much diet coke/caffeine as I want, get my body back, and on and on. Most importantly though, I'm ready for motherhood! Of course I have my concerns and I feel like there is a ton I don't know or might not be prepared for, but that's what motherhood is about, right? Loving someone more than yourself, giving them all you can give, and figuring it out as you go along... that I can do. Let's meet this little guy and get onto the fun part!

So, I'll answer the top 5 questions I've been getting these days...
  1. Do you have a name yet?  No. No we really don't, I'm not just saying that. And I can 100% promise you we likely will not have "the one" picked until he arrives, so I'll save you from asking. I think we're going to have it down to 2 or so names and decide once we see him.
  2. How are you feeling?  Honestly, not terrible, but not like myself either. Truthfully, I feel like a roly poly. I'm really starting to slow down and I hate that and hate admitting that to myself. The independent girl I am does not like admitting that putting on my socks is hard, as it bending over to pick up something off the floor. I'm close to the point to needing help (slow tear).  I do feel ok though for being 8+ months pregnant. Of course I have minors aches and pains here and there, along with lots of trips to the ladies room, but nothing out of the norm.
  3.  What does your belly button look like? Still in but it looks totally depressed. It used to be a VERY tight "o" (if you take your lips and make a tight "o" shape with them that's what it looked like), now it's as though someone has tugged at the bottom of it, making it a bit of a triangle- the top of the "o" is still in tact but it's sagging down. Gross. It better go back.
  4. Is the room for the baby ready? Let's put it this way, if he showed up tomorrow we have what we need to get the job done. All the furniture is in place, but it still needs to be "decorated" and accessorized. I'm currently moving into nest mode and making drapes... I started them tonight and I'm hoping to get them done sometime this week. I'm waiting for Pops (also known as TH) to come on Friday so he can help me with the decals on the walls, and then it will really be down to details.
  5. So, can you believe it's almost here?! And are you ready? Well, this is a loaded question. And honestly I have no idea. Ready or not, right? Not as though I have a choice. Like I said earlier, it's starting to feel like it's been a long time in the making, so I guess I believe it's almost time. I don't know that I'll ever be "ready" for the birthing part, but I'm taking the approach that I'm going to do it as millions of women have done before me.  As I ready said, bring it on! I am ready for him to be here, to meet him, and see what he looks like.
Feel free to ask me whatever else you'd like... I'm an open book as you know, so shoot...

And we're taking bets on when you think he's going to arrive. The winner will get something really great.

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