Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pre-holiday Blues Poos

This year for Christmas my parents planned to come to Denver and were set to arrive on Friday the 23rd. Thursday the 22nd (the day prior to their arrival) ended up being a snowy day here in Denver - we got over 8 inches - that evening for dinner I didn't want to leave the house but we had nothing in the frig so I decided to run to Qdoba right around the corner to grab a burrito. By the time I went to bed that night I wasn't feeling well. I assumed it was just the typical pregnancy stuff... heart burn, acid reflux, and stomach pains. After complaining for a bit,  I took John's advice and took down some Tums hoping that would help, but as I tried to fall asleep it just got worse... I couldn't get comfortable and felt awful. Before long I realized I was keeping John up with my huffing, puffing, groaning, rolling, tossing and turning. It was time for me go downstairs and park it on the couch so maybe someone (clearly this would not be me) would be able to sleep. By 3am I was making a mad dash to the bathroom pretty much every hour. Poisoned by the giant veggie burrito. Damn you Qdoba. I instantly regretted every bite.

I'll spare you the details, but this went on for hours. Friday morning when I "woke up" I wasn't feeling any better and knew there was absolutely no way I could go into the office in this condition.  I put a call into the doctor on call to see what I should do, I worried that this food poisoning might be hurting the babe too. After talking with the triage nurse (who consulted with the doc) I was told to just drink lots and lots of fluid and call back if I wasn't better by the following day. Apparently "the 'rhea" (sorry) can often be a sign of labor coming as it is your body's way for making room for the baby to come out, so they also suspected it was that versus food poisoning.

At first I thought, no way, but as I laid there in bed suffering from nausea, heartburn, and back pains so bad that I felt paralyzed I started questioning... What exactly was going on with my body? Could this be labor? And why oh why did I eat a dumb burrito?

When I talked to my parents before they boarded the plan to come to Denver to let them know John would be picking them up because I was still sick in bed - my mom was convinced I was going into labor because she apparently had some similar symptoms when labor started for her. However, by the time my parents arrived at 9pm on Friday night I was starting to feel more human again, and was finally on the mend after close to 24 hours. So, I suppose it was in fact food poisoning and not labor or anything else. What a crappy start to the holiday. Moral of the story, no more Qdoba.

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