Thursday, December 22, 2011

Psycho Nesting Sarah: Issue #1

After realizing that the time is nearing I was determined to get something off my to-do-list. I had drug John to the fabric store on Saturday afternoon after a quick trip to IKEA (not one of my best ideas), but I did manage to make it out with what I needed to get the job done. So, I spent the past 3 nights getting the drapes sewn. I couldn't have made it easy and just did one panel of the same fabric... no, no, NO....why would anyone want to do that? Naturally, I like to make things 10x more difficult, and did so by doing a stripe of yellow fabric at the top and bottom as well as lined the damn things with blackout lining to ensure the baby will be able to sleep mid-day (I don't think I'll regret this extra effort). Oh, and our windows are 6' wide so this also meant seaming 2 panels of fabric together to make them wide enough.  This whole ordeal required lots of cutting, measuring, and running up and down the stairs (I would lay things out on the 3rd floor where I had space but  for some unknown reason sewed at the kitchen table on the first floor). I proudly finished them last night though! I feel so accomplished knocking one this off the list. And I have enough fabric left to do some pillows when I decide to return to the sewing machine (which I love, but need a break from).

laying things out upstairs...
Sewing away!!
excuse my nails, shellac needs a touch-up add it to the to-do-list

Close up so you can see the fabric print 

I hope this baby really appreciates these bad-boys. Now, what to tackle next?? I'm on a roll.

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