Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shower, and was it ever!

33 weeks pregnant

Last Saturday was my baby shower for the little guy, and it was such a beautiful day! I could not have felt more lucky. Meggie and my sister hosted the event, and they had some extra helpers too, my friend Michelle and her sister Alli Standford (childhood friends from St. Louis who we thankfully reconnected with when we all ended up in Denver!), and of course my mom was also there by their sides helping cooking, set-up, etc. It was a wonderful team effort and I felt SO lucky! Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting it all together! I am so lucky to have wonderful friends and family like you!

We woke up to snow in the morning, which actually made for an awesome setting for the day. My mom and John's mom both came in for the event - it was great having them here to share in the excitement. The rest of the crew that attended was friends from here in Denver, and wow are they great because this little baby boy made out like a bandit! I felt like I was opening presents for hours, wait, I think I was. So lucky!

Without further ado here are just a few photos from the day....

adorable details

Guess "whoo" the baby is :) Game we played with photos of all the attendees baby pictures.

Gretchen  + Krystal

Mom + Meg's

Elysia's awesome "cake" gift
Beautiful Pam + Me

My RNLers

Our STL crew.... The Hennings & Stanford Gals
Apologies that I have an issue keeping my legs tightly closed... belly gets in the way!

Me + The Moms

Meggie + Me

The lovely hostess' rubbing the belly!

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