Saturday, October 29, 2011

The homestretch!

It's official, I'm in the 3rd (and final) Trimester! Bring it. Now it's just a matter of getting through all the holidays and it will "be time."

I had my 28 week appointment this Tuesday. This was the glucose test appointment to test for gestational diabetes. I am really starting to think some girls are total wusses for making this out to be so bad. Alright, so you have to drink something that you wouldn't willing order per se, but believe me I've choked down shots that were WAY worse in my day (and those are for fun, right?). This really wasn't bad. More than anything it was annoying because you had to time everything and not eat anything for several hours prior drinking the drink (which happened to be right at lunch time for me, so naturally, I was hungry). I came home from work with my empty stomach (as required), sucked down the drink, waited the required hour, and then had my blood drawn.

... suck'er down ... ... all gone!

After they did my blood draw it was onto the 28 week check-up with my doctor...

My doctor is the most adorable and bubbly thing. She always starts appointments with "So, how are you feeling, what questions do you have for me?" I feel like I never have anything good to ask because I google and research all the time (which really is a bad idea). However, I felt the need to still ask something... because I am a psycho and worry about everything I had her look at the photos from my last ultra sound again to confirm that it is indeed a boy. Yes, I said I'm nuts but I get nervous that they misread it or something. Fear not, still a boy. We listened to his heartbeat with the doppler which was good and steady around 140. He did get pissy when she had to put the cold gel on my stomach to pick up the heartbeat, and just as she was starting to pick up the heartbeat he kicked so hard where the cold gel was that it made that sound like when someone blows loudly into a mic. Both Dr. Offerdalh and I just cracked up. Little baby likes to be warm in his cocoon, don't mess with him, he'll show you who is boss.

He generally sits on my left side, and she told me if it's making me uncomfortable to take a cold wash cloth and hold it over there because he's going to move... clearly. Although, he will probably kick me with his 99th percentile legs first. She checked my blood pressure and weight gain... all perfectly on track. I have to admit though, being a girl who's go-to diet for years has been weight watchers, anytime I see a number going up on the scale it really doesn't feel like things are "on-track." I find myself thinking "Now what 'bad point items' did I have to cause this gain?" This is a mental adjustment. There are no more ultrasounds at appointments after 20 weeks unless something comes up that they would have to do one, so the appointment are pretty quick.

I got the results from the glucose testing back on Friday and everything was perfect. Woohoo! Bring on the pumpkin pie!! I'm sorry, but wouldn't that be the worst if I had to be 8-9 months prego and unable to indulge a little in all the holiday goodies?? And to think 8-10% of women are affected by gestational diabetes starting at 24 weeks. Just one more thing to be thankful for at Thanksgiving.

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