Friday, October 14, 2011

Back to the pretty...

Ok, despite my new found understanding of form follows function when it comes to baby land.... There is one area I refuse to give up my aesthetic values... The Nursery. I plan on doing my best to make it good looking as possible. After much debate it's been decided to make the nursery on the 3rd floor (the floor above ours). Ok fine, I'll admit that John suggested that floor/room early on, but I had it in my head that it should be the room right next to ours on the 2nd floor. So naturally, I called him crazy, came up with a million reasons it would never work and said no way. Then my mom came to visit and made the same suggestion John had... So naturally, I thought "mom knows best" ...3rd floor it is. Oh I'm so bad. In my defense though, when my mom bought up the point that we would be less likely to wake the baby if he was upstairs I was sold, not to mention it's a bigger room with a tv/computer room right next to it perfect for hanging in. And in my "not-yet-a-parent" mind I believe I'll be able to keep all the baby clutter, crap, toys, etc on the 3rd floor (bye, bye John's man cave, hello baby land). I'm sure I'll eat my words and stuff will creep it's way onto the main floor in due time, but we can all have dreams, right?

Anyway, point being, I'll admit it, John might  have been right about this.

So back to the nursery.... aka my the baby's modern nest....
Being the crazy, overly anal, detailed designer that I can be, I took it upon myself to make a little inspiration board for the room. As well as a floor plan (always important) and I went ahead and did a little wall elevation to see how the decals on the back wall would layout since the ceiling slopes and it changes height. These are the details that keep me up at night and haunt me when I'm shampooing my hair. After drawing this all up, I am feeling pretty good about things now. I ordered myself about 45 paint samples to get the perfect shade of blue-grey selected for the walls. Let me tell you greys are tricky little devils and you have to look at the in the light at all times of the day, but I think I have it picked. Now it's just time to check things off the to-do list, get things ordered, and get the room in place. No gentleman, in case you were wondering the walls will NOT be purple and black (Rockies colors). The child has the rest of his life for his father to jam sports down his throat and have a Rockies inspired room, but as a baby we're going to have nice and serene room. Don't try fighting me on this, I'm pregant, I bite, and last I checked I am actually an educated interior designer.

I also spent the past month researching cribs, looking at websites, checking local places (which Denver is lacking). There is some serious decision making that goes into this "statement piece." Plus, nowadays they often convert into toddler beds, which means the little guy could be in this puppy for quite a few years. Anyway, I made a spreadsheet of my favorites. Weighed the pro's and con's. I tried asking John his opinion but his response was always "I like the cheapest one." So after a lot of agonizing got it picked! It's an awesome sort of mid-century mod looking crib/dresser collection by Muu. It's made in the US with non-toxic materials, by a company founded by a woodworker who cares about nice and quality design. To me that sounds like form and function. Bingo I have found what I need!

I might add that we have the BEST parents! John's mom & husband Tom are purchasing the crib for us, and my mom & dad are getting the dresser/changing table. So nice! I cannot thank them both enough. It was seriously so nice of them to help us. I'm really excited because both pieces were ordered this week, so now it's just the waiting game till they arrive!

So without further ado, here's the inspiration board & plan...
(Feel free to let me know your thoughts, unless of course they are something like "I think the wall should be purple and the trim should be black." Because then I don't care).


  1. I really love it ... and I'm not just saying that (afterall, I rarely share an opinion!)

    Seriusly though, the palette is great. And I love that blue isn't primary (because all boys love the color blue ... yawn). And the fact that mod white crib doesn't look like a prison is a really nice touch ... what is it with cribs today and all those friggin' bars? And the bird them is cute and unexpected ... but I'm glad you steered away from the stork motif (it's kinda done). The overseeing owls, however, are great ... they'll be breaking off some knowledge on the little tike and encouraging him to keep an open mind (he'll be reading John's non-fiction war stories before you know it!).

  2. I love the colors, I love the whole bird outdoor theme!! It is going to be the most gorgeous baby room ever, cn you please come help me with Brady and Carlotta's room and well my whole house!? Ps my only note is and maybe it wont be necessary as you are such a minimialist, you didn't leave many options for storage? These kids come packing with lots of junk let me tell ya!

  3. Thanks guys! Glad you like it & thanks for the feedback! Yes, I am making sure the wise old owl passes on some wisdom :) Very valid point Kat... thankfully we do have 2 pretty big closets in that room, so I'm hoping that will help with some of the clutter, but I might need to add another book case or chest of drawers - we'll wait and see once all the junk arrives *sigh*.

  4. wow- amazing!! I can't wait to see it! I just might be stopping by for a couple of naps in this lovely sanctuary.