Sunday, October 23, 2011

Check, check, check...and CHECK!

It's been a big week.... and not just because I am in fact getting big....but rather because a lot of things were checked off the to-do-list.

1. Registering - Check! I overcame my fears of picking the wrong things and finally wrapped up the baby registries at and Target. Amazon ended up being awesome because I'm not locked into what just one store would have, and of course Target has a lot of the staples.

Come last Saturday, I had just 2 items left to finalize for the registry... the car seat and the stroller. So on Sunday, John and I went to some stores around town to check out items these items in person. It was quite an experience.... we went to the dreaded Baby's R Us and John disliked it just as much as I did, so it was another short lived trip. We then went to a local baby boutique called Real Baby where they have just  about every stroller and car seat out there on display. We had one of the sales girls walk us through every stroller model as we stood there sort of glassy eyed trying to absorb the differences between the two. Another couple was going though the same "training" and the husband turned to his wife and was like "I don't get it" to which John responded "Me either." The car seat was an easy choice once we saw them, but strollers are in.freaking.sane. Not only are they pricey, but there are tons of nuances between them, some allow car seats to click into them, some don't. Some allow you to have the baby to face either way, some don't. Some have special shocks to help with walks on crappy sidewalks, some don't. Some close with one hand into a manageable size, some don't. And on, and on, and on.  I've come to terms with the fact that the bugaboo is overpriced for no good reason, in fact the gal at the store (where they were selling them) flat out told us that. I'll admit I can be a label whore, no doubt about it, but as I looked at the bugaboo there we actually a lot of things I didn't love about it, and I found myself falling for another stroller that happened to be cheaper (please take a moment to pick your jaws up off the floor). After "test driving" the strollers at the store, both John and I agreed the UppaBaby Vista is the best option for us (which can be found cheaper on amazon, thankfully). My countless hours of online reviews also checked out - this stroller gets rave reviews. So check, final item decided.

2. Hospital Selection Tour - Check! Monday night John and I toured the Rose Medical Center labor and delivery floor. Everyone raves about this hospital here in Denver... it's sort of known as the baby hospital around town, so I told myself that unless there were any real deal breakers on the tour I'd just go with it. Well, the finishes and hospital were a little dated - we're talking some teal vinyl flooring and wallpaper boarders, but other than that no real complaints so Rose it is. I mean I'm popping a baby out, I'm not expecting that to compare with a night stay at the Ritz, so I can deal with some outdated surroundings. I will say, that standing in those birthing rooms was a bit like an out of body experience; the kind where you feel like you are watching from above thinking ""is this my life?" This really caused the reality to settle in for both John and I that this is happening... ready or not... It won't be long before I am laying in that hospital bed likely yelling for drugs.

3. Glider - Check! I ordered the chair for the nursery, which has a 10-12 week lead time. Um.... fingers crossed it will be here in time, otherwise I'll just have to be like a hippie and sit on the floor with him until it gets here.

4. Birthing Classes - Check! I have us all signed up for the birthing classes... it's 4 classes total, on Monday nights starting at the end of November. I'm sure I'll have some stories from class once those start.

So, it was a successful week for getting things done. I feel in a much better place and a lot less overwhelmed than I was a few weeks back. Don't get me wrong, there's still a lot left to do, but things are happening and moving in the right direction.

As I mentioned earlier... I'm getting bigger.... woof. There is NO hiding it, I'm 7 months pregnant. I wore spandex so you could really get the full effect (see below). Oh look! My stomach is finally sticking out as far as my porn-star sized boobs, hey, now that's really something.

Ok, stop looking at it! I'm embarrassed now. According to my sources at Baby Center, this 28th week "Wendell" weighs about 2.5 lbs... and is about 16" long. He's busy adding new skills such as blinking to an already impressive repertoire of tricks like coughing, sucking, hiccuping, and taking practice breaths. Crazy. They also mention that he's starting to fill his skin out with more and more fat. Awesome! Everyone loves some chub on a babe.

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