Monday, January 28, 2013

Framed Up

Exterior w/ Hardie Board
This week was some new housing milestones... all the interior walls are framed up! We did a walk-thru with our builder to confirm the framing, and despite all of our changes and my picky expectations they really got it right. There was one minor tweak and that was it...most impressive! The exterior has the Hardie Board going in, so it's really starting to take shape. We are also only ones on the block with a 2nd floor balcony (off our master), and I have to admit that is one of the coolest things as we see it all come together....John already has visions of having a beer up there while listening to the Rox's game while the sunsets, and I can't say that isn't a really good plan.
My Fireplace all framed up!
Validation:  (not that I needed it) The builder agreed during our walk-thru that moving the fireplace was a really great decision, thankyouverymuch. And to think all the backlash I took over that....

Kitchen looking towards the island
Framing for our shower ... makes me happy to see our customization taking shape!
What is this?? Oh, it's just a mountain view from our master bedroom balcony. Damn straight.
Cherry Pie Park - Across the street 
So this is cool...  there are 5 "pocket parks" in our area of Stapleton (Bluff Lake) that will be based on the 5 senses, and the park right across the street from us is called the "Cherry Pie Park." This particular park is based on the sense of taste, so they are planting a bunch of berries and whatnot in this park that are up for the pickin'! Pretty sweet....especially since Ian is a fruitaholic. We can just waddle on over an pick what we want for a snack. Interestingly they are relocating a bunch of the landscaping for these parks, and the big tree you see in the background was actually just relcoated from the Denver airport. 

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