Sunday, January 6, 2013

Raise the roof

I hope to have 5 minutes to post a quick recap of our holidays, but until then... I thought I'd share some progress on the house. Last time we drove by we pretty much just had a hole in the ground and a poured foundation. So we were shocked when we drove by on New Year's Day how much progress had been made...
WOW! The whole first floor is framed up!

Of course I went running inside to check it out.  I love seeing it all come together. 

looking towards the corner of the living room
Standing towards the back of the house looking to the front

Panoramic of the street view (it's a little "fish-eye"). Unreal how quickly it's coming together.

Then we went back yesterday on the 5th, and we are almost under roof! In just a week span. These guys are rocking and rolling. In fact they were all on-site working on Saturday so I resisted the urge to go inside and check it out.
Raise the roof baby! 
A street view of the progress. (Note: the house to the right of ours wasn't framed earlier in the week and now the 2nd story is almost up). 

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