Monday, January 14, 2013

Merry Christmas : Part I

So I'm behind. My Christmas cards were late and this post re-capping Christmas is late. I'm a busy with it.

We kept the McG tradition alive and went and chopped down a Christmas tree with Uncle Bacon. Unfortunately we have had such a mild winter (even up at higher elevations) so it wasn't the typical picturesque winter wonderland  for the tree chopping. Another big difference this go around is that I made John's life much easier because I decided to pick a small guy (knowing that we'd be out of town for most of the holiday). I literally put a quarter or less of our ornaments on the tree and maybe 3 strands of lights... we were all about simple this year. I couldn't handle another year of a tree crashing in the middle of the night (in case you need a refresher, read this post).

Mama & Ian look for a tree

No heavy lifting or strenuous saw-cutting required
Our Very Merry Charlie Brown Tree
We also made time to visit Santa so he would know what a good boy Ian has been. There were no tears...just lots of questioning looks.

"Now I'm sorry, but who in the hell are you?!" - Ian

"Hmmmppp....I'm not sure about you Santa" 

"Fine, we'll play your games and take a picture"
The holidays this year were a bit of a whirlwind. We decided that this was the year to make everyone happy and try to do it all....which meant we planned on being in both Cincinnati and Omaha over the Christmas holiday. You can hear about Omaha in Post No. 2 on Christmas.

Prior to taking off I let Ian open up a couple of his gifts. Including his "Christmas Jammies. " A long standing tradition in both the McGarry and Hennings households has been that you get a pair of Christmas PJ's every Christmas Eve as your one gift to open before the big day. As John and I have gotten old I'm pretty sure those are the only new pajamas we get all year. So we will be carrying this tradition on in our little family - also nice because you look somewhat put together on Christmas morning pictures.

Excuse his shirtless-ness, we were mid-way through putting on the pj's
Then, on Christmas Eve we flew from Denver to Dayton. Why it is so darn expensive to fly directly into Cincinnati I will never understand. Let's level... I can fly into MUCH more desirable and sought after cities in the US for $100's irritating. Of course our flight was delayed which meant that little man was celebrating his Christmas Eve in the airport in his Christmas jammies.

Hanging at the airport 
We finally made it to Dayton at 12:30am (so really it was Christmas day), and by the time we got our luggage and whatnot it was nearly 1. In-freaking-sane. I think both John and I about lost it in delirious laughter when we started making our way to the rental car and realized that our assigned car was a bright "Grinch green" beaut. The best part was that they told us we were getting an upgrade. Riiiiiiggght.

We finally arrived at Debbie's (John's mom's) house at 2am. Needless to say we all slept in till like 9:30, and then the rest of the family slowly started to come over. Shortly after the family got there it was time for us to leave to visit an old friend (always on the go). John's good friend from childhood who grew up next door, Joe Haverkamp. Joe and his wife Kelly had a baby boy, Andrew, just a month prior to this was the only opportunity we would have to get the boys together while were in town because Joe was leaving the following morning to go out of town. The boys were so cute together! The whole meeting was sort of surreal.... I mean John and Joe literally grew up together so for them it was really strange having children (not to mention both boys a few weeks apart).

Ian & Andrew

The boys and their boys
But the BEST part of getting the boys together was discovering that they both have "The Crazy Crawl." Everywhere we go when people see baby Ian "on the go" they comment, "Hum, now that's a new crawl," or "I've never seen that that normal?" We've dubbed it "The Lt. Dan" in the McG house, and have grown quite accustom to Ian, "Lt. Dan-ing" (yes, it can be a verb) his way around the house.

So to answer an earlier question, yes, it's normal for Ian and Andrew it's normal.... 
Now let's cut to the chase. We ate Christmas dinner. We opened gifts. We spent time with family. We saw a couple friends and 48 hours later it was onto stop number 2. Below are some photos to document Christmas in Cincy.... and a picture is worth a thousand words so I will keep it brief.

Hanging with dad and Eva after opening gifts



Hanging with Nana

We met Mr. Anderson

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