Monday, January 28, 2013

HaPpY BirTHdaY liTtle mAn!!!

We celebrated Ian's First Birthday this past Saturday, January 26th.... yes his real b'day was 2 weeks prior, but my parents really wanted to be here for the celebration and they couldn't come the weekend of his actual birthday. So, little man was none the wiser when we waited a couple weeks to party. I planned a "snowy/ winter" themed party since he is a winter baby in Colorado. I mean, at the ripe old age of 1 it isn't like he has a list of real "interests" that would make for a better theme, so I thought celebrating the winter season would be perfect. And it would have been, except it was 60 degrees and sunny in Denver on this Saturday in January ..who would have thought?!? Oh well, it might have been beautiful outside, but it was a Winter Onderland in the McG house.  Complete with a hot cocoa bar and lots of warm comfort food! Here are a few of the details from the party...

I also decided to skip the whole party favor thing... I mean it's right after the first of the year and everyone is still somewhat focused on not eating crap typically found in goody bags, right? So I had a different idea... When my dear friend Pam passed away earlier last month her family asked that people make donations to the Make a Wish Foundation because Pam always loved everyone's kids as her own...she was "Auntie Pam" to they felt that was an appropriate cause she would appreciate  I still vividly remember the day after Ian was born Pam came to visit us in the hospital...and of course being "Auntie Pam" she came with a huge bag of gifts and a big smile on her face... but more than anything I remember how excited she was to see us an hold Ian. Therefore, I thought there was no better favor than to make a donation to Make a Wish in the names of the attendees in honor of Pam. 

Hope you were smiling down on us Pam-ella!
John, Jess, Todd, Gretchen, + Krystal
Dede and her girls
Mama + Ian

Ian's "Smash Cake" 
Tasty...this icing is...

"Well my hands are dirty."
Some of Ian's Friends 
More Friends!
Opening Presents 
The coolest thing happened right after opening presents. IAN TOOK HIS FIRST STEPS!! That's right folks, right there in the middle of his party! It's his party and he'll walk if he wants to. He was playing with the toys he opened over by my parents and he was standing up (holding onto my dad)...the next thing we knew he took 6 steps!  Then we had a few repeat performances of a few more steps before he got rubber legs and had had enough. I must say he was quite proud of himself.

Practicing to walk with Uncle Bacon
The McG's
We were so thankful to have such a fun day with many good friends in attendance! Thanks to all who came to celebrate Ian's first year!

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