Thursday, October 25, 2012


Yep, I really hate barf. Honestly, it sort of scares me. In grade school whenever someone threw up and they had to come into the classroom and throw those "cedar chips" on it I immediately decided I wasn't talking to that kid anymore (even when that person happened to be my best friend in 2nd grade)... clearly they were gross. Once in the 1st grade my family attended a huge fireworks display in St. Louis on the 4th of July called the VP Fair. At the VP Fair I took my shoes off while I sat on a picnic blanket watching the fireworks. Well, somehow my brand new kicks were moved and by accident placed in throw up of someone near by (it was dark, and probably some drunk person's). Obviously I refused to put those suckers back on (despite my mom running water on them like a crazy lady) which caused my dad to carry me for like a mile back to the car.   I never out grew this disdain for vomit as I got older. Below is a picture from my college days... when one my dear friends got "the bottle flu" what did I do? Made a sign proclaiming my hate of barf and proceeded to take photos (I'm a really good friend, I swear, just keep your barfing to a minimum around me). 
This friend will remain nameless, but for those who know who this is....enjoy! :)
So what does this have to do with anything? Well, Ian barfed. Yep. Much to my dismay he threw up. 

My parents came in town this past weekend to "meet the parents" as Todd's family was also in town. Todd's family had rented a place up in Boulder for the weekend and our whole clan headed up to spend the day with them. Right after we got up to Boulder we made a quick stop and when we pulled into the parking lot my mom yelled out "Oh no the baby just spit up...wait, oh no! HE'S THROWING UP!" And just like that, without any warning he got sick in his car seat. John pulled over and there I was in a parking lot using baby wipes to clean him up (if a girl ever needed her "I hate barf sign" now was the time). Of course once we got him cleaned up he seemed as good as new. Onward we went with the day... we had lunch, met Todd's family at a brewery, and then went back to the house they had rented for some hanging out and dinner. 

We took this picture (post vom) at the house Todd's Fam was renting

See, does this look like a sick child?! Well you can imagine how shocked we all were when we were having dessert and my dad was holding baby Ian and he threw up again (all over my dad). Poor baby. It's funny but I suddenly stopped caring about my hate of barf as I wiped him down in the sink and Eddie (my sister and Todd's dog) licked it up. Oh dear. At that point we decided it was time to go. We were out of clean clothes and clearly had made an awesome impression on the Rais family "How's your carrot cake?" "BAAARRRRRFFFFF."  

The crazy thing is this came on without any warning...he was acting just as normal as ever (he is such a good baby) fever or anything. We thought make it was a fluke and he was car sick the first go-around but at this point it was becoming obvious he was actually sick. 

Since then it has been a random barf here or there, and he acts okay in between (minus less interest in food). I will think he is fine and then he will wake up in the middle of the night and barf. I took him to the doctor on Tuesday morning (after he had another bout throwing up in the middle of the night), and she said it is likely just a virus  As with any virus, it just has to run it's course. After going all day Tuesday without anything, he threw up again on Tuesday night so I decided to keep him home from daycare on Wednesday. This wasn't that successful because I ended up having to bring him into the office because we had a big presentation I was working on - just picture me holding my baby (praying he didn't barf) while typing on a laptop with my CEO sitting next to me (I don't lie).  Anyway, he made it through all of Wednesday and almost all of Thursday without another throw-up spell....and then I got a text at 4:30pm from Barb (his caregiver) saying he had gotten sick. Ugh. I freaked out, called the doctor, and the whole nine. I mean, I am exhausted it has been almost a week of barfing at random. It's the worst because the poor little buddy can't communicate, and I know he doesn't feel well, bless his heart. This is his first time getting sick :(  The doctor assured me that this is normal and he is likely fighting off this virus. Fingers crossed he feels better tomorrow.... I want him shoveling peas in his mouth again soon! In the meantime my fear of barf is wearing off....something about it being your own baby's (and wanting to protect him) makes it not so bad (though scrubbing the carpet at 3:30am on a Tuesday isn't ideal).

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