Wednesday, October 24, 2012

9 Months Baby!

Guess who is 9 months old?! This guy!!

Weight: 19 lbs 12oz -- 51st percentile
Height/Length: 30 3/4" -- 100th percentile
Head circumference:  18"  -- 67th percentile

He has been growing leaps and bounds! He's up 3lbs and 3 inches since his last wellness check-up.... so he's averaging an inch/lb a month. He's back up into the 100th percentile for his height, which didn't shock me since he is as big as some two year old's. 

Other notable things....
- He is crawling all over the place. He started to crawl a month or so back but it's transitioning from an army crawl to a full fledged crawl. 
- He is trying to lift himself up on the coffee table and sofa. 
- HIS TEAR DUCT UNBLOCKED!! Woohoo! Celebrate! That happened at 7 months.
- He LOVES his foodies... he eats just about everything, but I'm pretty sure his favorite thing is peas!
- He can sit in a "big-boy" highchair at restaurants, and he loves it because he can be a part of the action. 
- Just a few days before his 9 month b'day he started to get 2 teeth! His bottom 2 are working their way in simultaneously  And shockingly he hasn't been too fussy about it. 
- He is no longer the youngest baby at his daycare :( one of the other mom's had another baby in June who just started there last week.  
 - He is making all kinds of sounds and trying to "talk" 
- He loves to click his tongue and if you do it at him he'll do it back
- Big fan of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"
- Eyes are still blue and beautiful! Hair is blonde/light brown. - His next wellness check-up will be when he turns ONE! Geez, time is FLYING.

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