Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'll have it my way

If there is one thing this baby knows it's how he's going eat. From day one he has gone against the grain refusing to latch on and now that we've entered the world of introducing solids he has again proven to be a little pistol with is own agenda (I have no idea where he gets this attitude from). When I first stated giving him solids I tried countless times to entice him to take a spoonful of something "really delicious" and he was not interested. On rare occasion he would play the game, take one bite and then he would turn his head and refuse to open. So I started putting pieces of food in front of him... avocado, banana, etc. And guess what?! He would pick it right up and shove it in his mouth. Pure and simple he wants to feed himself. Don't try giving him some crappy baby mush, he wants real food and he wants to feed himself.  I mean I can't blame him... if I was picking between baby mush cereal or a piece of cheese I'd be all over the cheese. So it turns out he is independent not picky. Whew... that I can deal with.

While some babies are having pureed carrots Ian is have pizza
At first I was concerned with giving him little bits of soft food, especially since he doesn't have any teeth and is pretty much like an old man at the nursing home gumming his dinner. However, feeding babies like this is becoming more common practice and a lot of people are choosing this style of feeding their baby regardless because they get better nutrients and learn to chew early. It even has a name: "baby led weaning." Who knew?... Baby led weaning teaches the baby to experience food, textures, and tastes on their own. It increases their hand-eye coordination, and avoids the baby gagging and choking later on because they don't transition from purees to actual solid food since they start with small pieces of solid food.  Now I was NOT trying to be some ahead of the curve, trend setter with my baby lead weaning, it literally just happened and we are rolling with it. 

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