Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Weekend

We had a great fall weekend here in Denver. On Saturday we went dress shopping with my sister for her wedding dress and Ian was impressively pretty darn good as we drug him from shop to shop. Meggie was even able to come meet us for a little bit too!

After shopping Ian, John and I had a BBQ to attend at my Martha's (she just built a place in Stapleton, and was having a few people over to see the new digs). However, last minute John got a brewers VIP pass to the GABF (which after Ian's birth was hands down the highlight of his year), so it ended up just being me and little man, but I was so glad that we went....

Since Martha and her family just moved into their new casa 2 weeks ago her furniture is all on-order, which made the entire family room an empty space for all the kids to play. Actually, I take that back, she had 2 "pieces" in her living room - a one eye'd sheep and a big horse, ha. Anyway, this evening was for sure telling of what my new life will entail, and I'm more convinced than ever that we will fit in just fine. All us adults hung around, gabbed, drank, & toured the house, while the kids play.  And really could these kids be any cuter?

Ian, Martha's son (Will), and the one-eye'd lamb
We were laughing because Will is 2 and is the same size as Ian

All the kiddos having fun
Please note: Martha's daughter, Emma Lou, was wearing her Halloween costume

Then on Sunday morning we got up bright and early to run a few errands,and we accidentally stumbled upon the final farmers market of the season; which was awesome! They had a whole pumpkin patch set up and you got a "coupon" for a pumpkin when you bought something from one of the stands. So here are a few pics of Ian picking out our pumpkins.... 

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