Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and onto 2012!

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas and you are now onto a Happy New Year! I realized that we were a terrible family this year who didn't take so much as one photo on Christmas. FAIL. Next year we will be better... John did get me a video camera for Christmas so maybe we will have some live footage too... get excited!

As I mentioned earlier, my family was in town for the holiday. Despite me getting over the food poisoning and then everyone else (my mom, John, and Emily) getting a sore throat, cold, and/or sinus infection we troopered through and made the most of the holiday. We went to mass on Christmas Eve  night and then opened up all the gifts afterwards... we have gotten really bad at waiting the older we've gotten, guess this will change next year. Christmas day was filled with some cooking and quality time hanging out with the family.  Meggie and Ryan were able to join us for Christmas dinner and we had ourselves a Merry Little Christmas filled with family, friends,  beef tenderloin, roasted potatoes, cauliflower gratin, and asparagus - yum!

I was lucky enough to have the week between Christmas and New Year's off, and my parents were in town until Wednesday. We were able to get a lot of to-do's checked off my list... my parents helped get the decals up on the nursery walls, we did lots of little errands, and even got ALL of the Christmas decorations down!! Yep, that's right the tree is GONE, the dickens village is put away, and my evergreen candle has been burned for the last time this season. What a great feeling  (one more thing we won't have to worry about dealing with once the babe makes his appearance)! Thank you mom and dad - first time I got all the Christmas stuff put away before the New Year - Ahhh [insert sigh of relief].

On Tuesday I had my 37 week appointment while my parents were still in town. They actually waited in the car while I went to my appointment -  thankfully my mom is beyond addicted to angry birds and dad had a new book to read so they had entertainment while they waited. Anyway, my doctor was out on vacation for the holiday so I saw another doc in the practice. I didn't like her. Not only was she not friendly, but she was also running late. Since she was the doc on call for the week between Christmas and New Year's I told myself that the baby must stay in until "my" Dr. Offerdahl returns because this doctor was not for me. Regardless of my feelings for this doc  I still had to show her my who-ha, awkward, right? Good news (since I decided I didn't want her delivering my baby) there had been little progress since the previous week - still just 1 cm and 70% effaced. So, my parents headed back to Omaha on Wednesday and are on stand-by until I get new news or "something happens."

The rest of the holiday "break" has really been spent getting ready and nesting. I'm happy to report that my very expensive and not-so-sexy breast pump has arrived on Wednesday night.  I unpacked it, check it all out... you can't really test it it until the baby comes so I guess it's ready.  I also got my bags packed for the hospital (sans the staples I'm still using daily). We ordered the video monitor (many of you recommended) it also came from Amazon and is now set up and ready to go. Just yesterday John installed the car -seat in my car. I think we're pretty darn close to ready! Now we just wait, and maybe pick a name for this guy while I get increasingly more uncomfortable. I realized at my yoga class yesterday just how difficult moving is getting... Prior to pregnancy when taking a yoga class I'd love when we would sit in child's pose just relaxing and stretching for a few minutes. However yesterday I would have paid a large sum of money to do Cat/Cow or hell even Warrior One, anything to not have to crouch down and fold over in child's pose - NOT COMFORTABLE - and for some reason the teacher made us do a lot of it.

We had a very low key New Year's Eve; we had planned to go down to our fav local brewery, Great Divide, but we ended up not even leaving our house. Instead our friends Krystal and Gretchen, my sister, and Todd  came over and we ate, drank (not me), and played games. It actually turned out to be the perfect low-key New Years Eve, and I highly recommend playing The Game of Things if you want some good laughs.

No arrival of "Wendell" yesterday, so he will officially be a 2012 baby!! Holla, year of the dragon! Now we just keep on keeping on. I go back to work on Tuesday and plan to work up until something happens. I've promised my co-workers I won't let my water break at my desk, while I have no guarantees I am banking on the fact that only 10% of women have their water break prior to labor starting, so here's to hoping I'm in the 90%. I have my 38 week appointment on Tuesday so hopefully I'll get some news that things have progressed, especially since Dr. Offerdahl will be back! Happy 2012, now let's have this baby.

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