Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ian's first few days

Ian Patrick McGarry
Born on 1.11.12
8lbs 7oz
21 1/2" long

Well as you now know from the previous post... he arrived (one week ahead of his due date)!!
 I'll give you the deets of his birth in a later post, but here's the story behind his name and how John and I agreed on it. As many of you know John is the 3rd John McGarry, but is truly a second because only him and his grandfather share the same middle name Daniel. John's dad was named John Patrick. That being said there was definitely the debate of carrying on the family name for this little guy. When John was going through my list of names Ian was on there and turned out to be a name that we both really liked.  John looked up the meaning and come to find out Ian is the Scottish Gaelic version of the name John. So Ian was the perfect modern twist to carrying on the family name!  

Here's a few more photos from our time at the hospital. We were so lucky to have lots of visitors and support! Thanks to everyone who called, stopped by, sent flowers, texted, etc. We truly have the most incredible friends and family.  I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture with everyone who came to visit, but here are some of the photos from our hospital stay...

Just moments after giving birth

Hanging out with dad
Auntie Meggie and Auntie Em visiting

I'm fresh and new!

Just one of the beautiful bouquets we got in the hospital
Hanging out with Meggie

Dede is in love

Check out that head of hair

Mama and her boy

Em so excited to see the baby

He loves his sleepy time :)

Todd and the wee one

Auntie Em & Baby Ian

Meggie, Me, and the baby!
Sleeping with daddy at the hospital. Couldn't this just melt your heart?!?

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