Tuesday, January 3, 2012

38 Week Doctor Appt Update

Well for those of you waiting to hear that I'm completely dialated and ready to go, I hate to dissapoint, but we're holding steady at that 1cm and 70%. I know, slow tear. I think any pregnant lady at this point is hoping that the doctor will take one look and say "Oh wow, it's time to get you into labor and delivery." This was not the case with me today. See what happens when you get all nervous that things might happen quickly...it comes to a hault. He is still sitting super low, (which makes it pretty uncomfortable for me), but he's holding on! 

Next Monday puts me at 39 weeks and if nothing happens before then my doctor wants to do a procedure called "scraping the membranes" (uh, ouch!). It's not inducing per se, but rather her going in and "scraping things up" by separating the amniotic sac from the walls of the uterus. The hope is that it triggers labor because it releases prostaglandins which can cause contractionsShe said some women start contracting within hours, others it takes days, and some it has no affect on. It's a gamble, but hey, I’m willing to try it. I mean it sounds completely horrible - I don’t know who in their right mind would want to have anything down there scraped - but I’m guessing it beats feeling like I’m going to pee my pants 24 hours a day. Since he’s measuring almost a week ahead she wants to get this going next week rather than waiting until I am at a true 40 weeks because then it would likely be the induction talk versus this first measure. 

So that's the latest. My focus this week will be to get the baby moving out on his own... bring on the walks, spicy food, chocolate, hot showers, etc. Gretchen sent me this recipe awhile back to hang onto for January, and I'm thinking maybe I should make it this weekend? Eggplant Parm anyone? 

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