Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Can you feel that?

The other night John had his had on my stomach and the little guy got active. He kicked and John would take his hand and press on my stomach where he can kicked and then the baby would kick back. It was like they were playing some sort of knock knock game. It went on for quite awhile, and then in all seriousness John looked at me and asked "Hey, can you feel that?" Um... yeah.. I can feel it, it's ME he's kicking.  Oh, too funny.


  1. That picture seriously couldn't be any more gross ... Let's get that kid outta there!

  2. As a disclaimer, that is NOT me... (My mom called me this morning to make sure). It's some poor woman whose child was trying to get out but clearly was confused on what direction to go.

  3. I had a moment very similar to this picture with Carlotta, but it was her hand and I felt like I was in the movie alien, nightmares for days after. Good luck lady cant wait to meet the newest Mini MBF