Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Advanced Ian

Ian has a pretty limited vocab... I mean, he just turned one a few weeks ago. Pretty much it consists of "dog"  "dog" and more "dog"....and more recently he added in "ball." Sure he says "mamamama" and "dadadada" though I'm not convinced he has any idea who he is referencing; it's just babble. So he really decided to step it up and move onto a multi-syllable word: Barbara.  This happens to be the name of his day care "teacher," and he probably hears it a million times a day with all the other little ones calling for her (frankly it's amazing Barbara is still sane. I know I want to lose it on a daily basis at work when I hear my name one too many times).  He didn't even bother to go for "Barb" as many of the kids call her... he went right for Barbara. Anyway, I was able to capture little man spouting off his new word on Friday night....

Excuse the snot coming out of his nose...whatchagunnado?! It still cracks me up every time I watch it...he says it was such vigor and passion.  My mom is of course pissed that he said Barbara before Dede; mostly because it's my Aunt's (her sister) name too and now she is jealous. 

Oh, and he has also added "baby" to his list which provides extra entertainment since he generally points and says it to babies that are older than him.

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