Sunday, March 10, 2013

Where are you?

In a nutshell, I've been busy. I know, I know, story of my life, but these past few months have felt particularly stacked and action packed. Somehow February pretty much got away in a blink and I'm stunned that it's now March. The blog has dropped to a lower priority on the list, but I'll get back on it more regularly. What have I been doing? Here is a quick preview (and I'll add more photos and a better re-cap here soon!)

Reunited and it feels so good!
Feb, Week 1: Absoult Angel Reunion. All my girlfriends who I lived with in college came to visit and we spent 2 days up in Breckenridge laughing, relaxing, catching up, and reminiscing. We then did an evening down in Denver before it was time for everyone to fly back. Pretty cool that ALL 10 of us were able to get together since we are spread across the US...have 10 kids between us (2 on the way)...9 husbands...6 dogs...and likely a partridge in a pear tree.

IIDA CEO, Cheryl Durst, Welcoming
all the chapter leaders at a "welcome cocktail
reception "
Power points...yay.

Feb, Week 2: IIDA. I'm president of the Rocky Mountain Chapter this year. I must have taken crazy pills....who has a baby, works full time, is building a house, selling their current house, attempting to keep up a social life, AND decides to accept the role of President of a professional association? Oh, this girl. Anyway, one of my many presidential duties is to attend 2 chapter leadership conferences a year at IIDA HQ in Chicago, and the 2nd weekend of Chicago I did just that.

Note to self: Being out of town 2 weekends in row. makes for a very unhappy dad and a stressed out mom....don't do this again. 

Mama Meggie Opening Gifts
Feb, Week 3: Party Planning. I swear if I loose my job tomorrow I have a back-up (well I actually have a long list of back up's some more interesting than others) but I might seriously consider party planning because it's practically my part-time job already.  On the heels of planning Ian's Birthday I was onto the next party....Meggie's Baby Shower! The second weekend in February was the Shower for "Baby Bubbles" & Mama. I worked on this one along side her Mom and friend Ashley (unfortunately, Ashley got sick at the last minute and couldn't come). I forgot to mention that John also decided that since I had been gone 2 weekends in a row it was a lovely time for him to leave town an have a guy's weekend. Somehow we still pulled off a fun shower with a "man down" and me still on mama duty. Behind the scenes I've also been working on plans for Molly's (John's sister) wedding shower which I am helping throw in Cincinnati a few days prior to the actual wedding. Oh, and as part of my IIDA duties I'm also working on our annual BESTawards which is basically a huge party and design excellence awards I'm also knee deep in committee meetings, menus, liquor licenses, venue contracts/tours, etc. See.... designer by planner by night.

Bathroom Under Construction 
Bunk Room under Construction
With custom built-in Bunks
Feb, Week 4: Frisco House. Oh, I almost forgot, I have also been helping John's boss on the side design a house he and his wife decided to completely gut up in Frisco. Our buddy, Adam Bacon, built the entire thing, and I was brought in to help with everything else. We started this "little project" over 8 months ago....and since then I've done close to 109,235,908,390 floorplans, 3-d renderings of the entire exterior, a few weekends up there to monitor progress, several trips to stores to pick out tile, shower plans, and finishes. Namaste.  The construction finally wrapped up mid-Feb and the McG clan went up to stay there for a weekend with the Selzer family. Emily, Todd, and Eddie also came up on Saturday night to join in the festivities and check out the Selzer's new digs. The house turned out great and it was the perfect weekend get-away. House on the Market. We also decided it was time to list our current house on the market since the move is right around the corner, and the last week of Feb seemed like the perfect time. So I spent the week leading up to it going live on the MLS cleaning/purging/organizing like a psychopath. Thank God we were up in Frisco and out of the house for the weekend because we had like 30 showings the day it went on the market in addition to an Open House. Crazy town!

And now it's March. What the?!? Next weekend is Molly's wedding so we are leaving in just a few days for that! It should be great long weekend and an awesome St. Patrick's Day Wedding for the Irish Lady.

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