Saturday, February 8, 2014

Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, blah, blah, blah....

Christmas, check.
New Years, check.
Ian sick, check.
Mama sick, check.
Mama goes to NY, check.
Dada sick, check.
Back to work, check.

I'm too tired to write all the details. But here are the highlights via photos....

In our house Christmas isn't complete without Dickens Villages and Waterford China
Ian Opening His presents Christmas Morning.... took him awhile to get warmed up
Stockings, Cookie Making, Bike Riding, and Bloodies + Puzzles for the adults

We went to Station 26 for some early NYE drinks. It was baby Porter's first Brewery

It was not Ian's first Brewery. 
I enjoyed beers in NY  while catching up with my dear friend,  Ashley

Ashley lives like a block from "Carrie Bradshaw's Apt" so I had to be a tourist and take a photo

I said beers... plural.

Yes, instead of Ashley and I taking arms-length selfies,  I documented our stops with photos of what we drank

I felt inspired by the vibe of this place... 

My Friend Mike threw a party at the Soho House - Library Room
Mike & Charles Bradley Breaking it down
Ash and I celebrating the last horrah of "Christmas Break" at Mike's Party

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