Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Making the fireplace HOT

So, this actually happened over Christmas, but it warranted it's own post. I always had plans to tackle the fireplace. In fact, I told the builder save themselves the 12x12 lame-o tile surround and predictable mantle I had coming to me.... if you remember I also had them move the fireplace to be centered between the 2 small windows....so yes, me and this fireplace had plans, lots of plans (and we're not done yet, but we're one huge step closer).

My plans started with a big chunk of walnut. Yum, love me some walnut. I knew I didn't want an expected painted white mantle. I wanted to do something that would add some warmth to the room and pick up on my walnut floors but was also clean and modern. A la, CS Woods had just what I was looking for...a beautiful piece of walnut. They were even willing to mill the chunk of wood down to size for me - leaving just the finishing work to me, my dad.

I was also on the hunt to find some kick-butt REAL stone tile - porcelain or ceramic just wasn't going to cut it for this project. I see stuff all day long for my clients which is really good and really bad all at the same time. It's bad because I end up falling in love with what is always the most expensive thing out there,  but the exposure means I'm not going to have something that is a total yawn. I debated and debated what I wanted to do - at first I was all about this Ann Sacks Silver Travertine. Well, it's like $20/SF with my discount....do the math...it's a lot of money when you need 80 square feet. So I ruled it out but I had that image stuck in my head.

Well, my my wonderful Daltile rep hooked a sister up. I told her what I wanted and she was able to get me a good designer deal on this BEAUTIFUL Chenille White Travertine. I went for the honed in a 4x36" format. It's awesome if I do say so myself.  It's a bit of a warmer grey which is perfect contract with the cooler toned walls...it also pulls out the warmth of the rug and window coverings.

And I must mention that I was able to have the mantle milled to the exact thickness as the tile (4" thick) so visually it holds the same weight as each band of tile. This is one of those details that only designer sweat over and notice, but it makes me happy.

I gave my pops the vision and away he went...working for days before Christmas and wrapping up this hefty job a day after Santa came to town. What a Christmas gift this was!!

*YAWN* I feel so bored.
Do you like the one on right or the left?
And I'm not talking about the boys wrestling on the ground with the ball.
I ultimately landed on the right... the left was just a bit to creamy & vanilla
My wonderful father hard at work. He's pretty awesome. And equally awesome is how it's looking!
It's Christmas Day and dad is still working away. That's just the kind of guy he is.
Gotta love Ian's stocking hanging too.
almost complete... 

Close up shot of the walnut mantle

Feeling pretty and warm

I love, love, LOVE the results! THANK YOU POPS!! 

So, what's next you ask? 

Well notice that space on either side of the fireplace? Someday bookcases/built-ins are going to flank either side.... I already have the whole think drawn up, and now I'm working on convincing my lovely husband.  All in due time. Stay tuned... my dance with the fireplace isn't done yet.

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