Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chop, Chop.

Thanksgiving was festive and lovely this year and we spent it in Omaha at my parents place. The following weekend we headed down to southern Colorado (near the Springs) to get ourselves a good old fashion Christmas tree - cue Clark Griswold.

Cutting down a Christmas tree is a big family tradition for us that  we started with our pseudo family member "Uncle Bacon" 5 years ago. As a toddler, Ian loved the adventure for about 5 minutes... he ran free through the snow giggling, and then he realized it was hard work and said "mama hold you." I carried that little stinker down the ravine, up the hills, and though the woods - pretty sure it was comparable to a crossfit workout. Despite the physical fitness challenge, we found ourselves a tree and I only had to cut the top off of it 3 times once we got it home to be able to fit the star.

I think what I love most about chopping down our tree (aside from the family made memories) is that they are NOT Christmas lot trees. They aren't perfect and they sometimes need a few extra ornaments to fill in a bare spot, but they are extra special and real as they exist in nature.

The McG's and our tree

My little buddy is precious.
Auntie Em and Uncle Bacon making there way in

Mama and Ian....this is the point that he wouldn't let me put him down

Todd checking out his goods

Eddie LOVING the snow

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