Monday, October 14, 2013

Emily's Tea Party Shower

I'm jumping around a little bit, but I actually have the photos downloaded for this post, so we're going to roll with it. The day before Em's wedding I threw her Bridal Shower at my house ... Doing it this way (as in RIGHT before the wedding) for sure added a little stress to all the last minute stuff before the wedding, but it allowed for all the out of town family and friends to attend.  Thankfully, I had some help from my mom and dear Aunt Mary too. I did a vintage tea party theme for the shower, which was a lot of fun, but I have to admit that there were way more drinkers of my Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonade than actual hot tea offered.... can't blame them there (my kinda ladies)! I was able to use my mom's antique silver tea set and some vintage family tablecloths to help set the scene. I served up the traditional tea sandwiches, biscuits and jam, mini quiches, scones, deviled eggs, french macaroons, and many more goodies.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so here ya go.... 

Here are a few of the tea party recipes that I made that I'd do again for sure....


  1. Dear Emily
    Awesome!!! It’s just beyond my expectation how wonderfully you guys arranged the tea party .The most beautiful fact that you all are using antiques tea sets for your party. That’s most enjoyable. Attending party with tea it’s really unique for me. I think antique tea sets are branded with their name because I am using such things and personally I am telling that it is good not only in its variety but its durability. Thanks a lot for your nice post.

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