Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Camper

rockin' the headlamp
A group of our friends had been working to orchestrate a night up tot he mountains to camp. I then realized I hadn't been camping since prior to being pregnant, and it used to be something we did fairly regularly. So, for father's day weekend we decided to do what most people would deem CRAZY and took little man camping (per dad's request) for 2 nights.  Hey, good thing we're crazy though... because he did awesome! Quite the little camper we have on our hands.

I originally thought we'd just do Friday night and be more than ready to return, but John really wanted to do 2 nights. In his defense it takes a lot of work to get all the stuff packed up, drive up to camp site, set up camp, etc for just one night, but I was worried it might be too much. Au contraire...
Night one: Hanging out in a chair all on his own like a big boy! 
Babydoll just fell asleep in my arms around the campfire & slept like a trooper in the tent in between John and I! 
Camping proves to be a GREAT opportunity to eat some dirt.

Sitting in Jessie's arms during breakfast

Man makes fire!

So on Saturday afternoon we "cheated" a little bit and drove into Frisco (we were camping right near there). They were hosting the BBQ Challenge and we stopped in to check it out. Also convenient John's boss has a house in Frisco so we were able to stop in to say "hello" and have a beer with him. Oh, and wash our hands with REAL RUNNING water! It's the little things...

Frisco BBQ Challenge = Crowded + Hot

Highlight of Ian's trip to the BBQ Challenge was the corn.
He damn near ate the cob after polishing off all the kernels. 

Night 2: Hanging out and preparing ba-ba's

Selfy with mama
Dad being silly around the campfire

Ian's most favorite part of camping.... the food. Our friends don't exactly rough it when camping...there is a spread around the campfire and Ian grazed and grazed, and probably said no less than 100x "I unt cheeese." 

Messy salsa face

Another one of Ian's favorite things about camping.... DOG! DOG!
Sweet boy with Sara
Hanging with the men in the wild

Happy Father's Day Dada! It was a great weekend. We might have a new tradition.... 

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  1. I love this so very much! I love that you went camping, and I love that you did it with a baby boy, and I love that you love that he ate dirt. LOVE IT ALL. Sarah McG at her best!!!!!!!