Wednesday, May 22, 2013

15 months and lovin' his new pad

Let's take a quick break from house talk and go back to my little buddy boy. Ian had his 15 month appointment a few weeks back (he is actually 16 months this week...whoops, I'm behind!). Here are this stats from his 15 month appointment:

Weight: 23 lbs 6oz -- 55th percentile
Height/Length: 33 1/2" -- 100th percentile
Head circumference:  18 5/8"  -- 60th percentile

He's up a couple of lb's since his 1 year appointment (he was 21 lbs 7oz) and an 11/2 inches (he was 32"). He is still cruzing in the 100th percentile for his height - don't want no short, short man. I think the most changes have taken place in the past 3 months.... I swear it's something new everyday.
Here are some of the more notable things at 15 months....

  • WALKING!! He really started to walk consistently at the end of March and hasn't looked back since.
  • His line of the month was "Bye baby." He says it to everyone when he's telling them cracks us up. 
  • Blowing kissing
  • Great little sleeper....he will sleep from 8pm till 9am if you let him. 
  • Still only has 6 teeth, but a 7th is now poking through (we can likely add another tooth to his 16th month accomplishments). 
  • No more bottles! We successfully transitioned to just sippy cups! Go Ian!
  • Has good manners.  He says "peese" (please) when he wants something. Such manners, my boy!
  • Talking away! He can say: mama, mommy, dada, cat, kitty cat, dog, nana (referencing a banana, but it works for his nana Debbie too), cookie, bye, baby, peese (please), no, go! go!, ball, book, hello, uh oh, baba (sippy cup), juice, I down (I want down), I dum (I'm done), I unt nana (I want a banana).... and on and on. The doctor was pretty impressed with his vocab, I'll take credit for that since I never shut up. 
  • Loves to use a fork and spoon to feed himself.
Here is a little video of Ian preparing for our move.... 

Ian has transitioned quite well into the new house. He seems to love buzzing around the 1st floor. He has so much more space to roam, a million more cabinets to get into (and I refuse to put those annoying baby locks on every cabinet), and (we had a block party this past weekend) he is already making friends with the neighbor boys. Truly, he is hysterical... John and I are always cracking up at things he says or does.  Here are a few recent pics.

Yep. Someone liked dinner.
Look at me using my fork!
Corn Hole-ing
Just working the coolers the my friend, Hayden

Getting ready for Mother's Day Brunch

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