Monday, August 20, 2012

6 month wrap up

Well , true to form I am a month behind. Ian is officially 7 months (booohooo! How is he getting so old?!)... 

So here's where little man was at 6 months:

Weight: 16 lbs 1oz -- 27th percentile
Height/Length: 27 3/4" -- 89th percentile
Head circumference:  17 1/4"  -- 60th percentile

He still remains by long and lean little man. This makes me a bit nervous for the upcoming cooler months because long pants are hard to come by. I'm thinking I'll have to buy them big and then "alter" them.  We shall see. 

Other notable things....
- He now gibber gabbers constantly
- He is rolling machine.  At night in his crib he will start at one side and before long I'll see on the video monitor that he is completely upside down and at the other end of the crib. What this means is that he cannot be left unattended on a bed/sofa/etc...and forget that whole "put baby on his back" thing because you can put him there but he won't stay for long. 
- He has a blankie and he is in love with it. I got a pack of them for a gift and have since bought more. When he sees the blankie it's thumb in mouth immediately. 
- Sucks his thumb... almost exclusively his left thumb.
- Still has that damn blocked tear duct. MAKES ME CRAZY. The doctor told me to just keep on waiting for him to out grow it, but ugh.  
- His eyes are STILL blue! And his hair is BLONDE. I swear he's our child.
- Has started eating some solid foods... his favorites are Mum Mums, and pieces of avocado or bananas.  He is not interested in "mush" or things requiring a spoon.
- Sleeps through the night about 50% of the time. 

My friend Bonnie happened to be in town  from DC right at Ian's 6 month mile marker. She is an architect by day and a photographer by night, and she offered to do some photos of little buddy while she was visiting. I was so excited to have her take his pictures, and clearly you can see she's amazing at it (she took the photo above). You can check out her blog and more of Ian's photo shoot here. And she uploaded the entire shoot here.  Thank you BonBon, you captured him perfectly! 

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