Wednesday, June 13, 2012

4 month wrap up

Well Ian is offically 5 months (as of yesterday)... clearly I am behind. So without further ado here are his 4 month stats...

Weight: 14 lbs 0.5oz -- 30th percentile
Height/Length: 27 1/4" -- 99th percentile
Head circumference:  16 5/8"  -- 47th percentile

Yep, he's long and lean. He currently wears 3-6 month clothes, but if it's pants then it must be 6 months or they are way too short.

Other notable things....
- He coos and gabbers a lot
- Is all around much more responsive... grabbing at toys, sticking everything in his mouth.
- Lots of smiles, especially in the morning (not sure where he got that from)
- Rolls onto his side (I wouldn't call it a full roll over...see above).
- Enjoys eating his feet.
- Still has watery eyes/blocked tear ducts (I am hoping that changes soon).
- His eyes are STILL blue!
- drools like a mofo. It's insane really.
- Really good at doing tummy time.
- Has slept though the night before, but it doesn't happen every night.
- Has been to 4 Rockies games

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