Thursday, March 29, 2012

2 months old!

I'm slipping, I'm slipping! He is about a week away from being 3 months and I am just getting this posted. In my defense I've had a lot going on... a trip to Omaha, I'm still doing a lot of stuff for IIDA, and then the un-going saga of child care.

So here's the deets on Ian's 2 months of progress in this world... He is a total champ at holding his head up, it's seriously impressive for as young as he is. Equally impressive is the amount of times he can explode his pants up to his neck - definitely gets this from his father. All kidding aside he did smashingly at his 2 month appointment despite the fact that the nurses came in like Edward Scissor hands, only instead of scissors they were holding multiple shots. Little man took 5 shots in the legs and yes he cried, and didn't like it but he did fine once we left the doc's office... no need for the infant Tylenol to ease any pain. What a man.

Here are his stats at 2 months...
Weighing in at 11lbs 7oz - 44 percentile
Height  24 7/8" long - 99th percentile

So he is tall. In fact it's an issue because pants aren't long enough. I can totally sympathize being a girl who has had to track down the long pants from their very unfortunate selection my entire life. Why doesn't Gap make long and leans for babies? He pretty much looks totally metro in everything he wears rocking a man capri (not by choice). The plus side is who wants a short man? So what if baby's pants are short on him the ladies love it.

Other notable things at 2 months... His eyes are STILL blue. I always pictured my child to have brown eyes and brown hair so it blows my mind every time I look at him at he looks back with baby blues. It is totally possible that they will stay blue - even though John and I both have brown peepers because my dad has blue and John's mom has blue - so that little "b" (remember genetics class?) might be dominating here. We shall see. Who doesn't love blue eyes? Wish mine were.

He has really begun to smile a lot... it's super cute. However, I swear he is an old soul because more often than not he is giving a very serious look, and he will often times furrow his brow in a disapproving way when I'm up in his business trying to get him to smile. I can't say I blame him when I'm up in his space smiling and talking ... I'd also give a dirty look if people did this to me... but yes, this ain't his first rodeo.

He has discovered his hands and his fingers. He often enjoys a fist sandwich to suck on. Hey, whatever makes you happy. I'm sure this will change some once he has teeth.

I think that is the big stuff... we've made it through 2 months successfully. He's truly a happy baby, which makes us very happy parents.

Oh, and did I mention that his acne is gone! Yep, it's time to celebrate!

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